Rural public toilets are idle (around you)

 Rural public toilets were visited in the country, and many villages were found to build a well-established public toilet, which was convenient for the villagers and facilitating the maintenance of the clean village environment.

  However, some of them have a clean and tidy, but they can close, but they have been locked, and they cannot be used (see figure). The villagers said that some public toilets have been completed more than a year, but they have never been opened. Some folks said: "If you don’t give it, why do you want to build here?" Construction of these public toilets, clearly need a certain expenditure, if it is built, it is not a waste.

I hope that the relevant departments will be concerned, and the second half of the convenience project will be made. The owner of He Pingjing, He Pingjing, Henan, is not good to find a wide well with water supply, sewage, communication, etc. in urban public places. Once the well cover of these plants, it is necessary to repair in time, otherwise it may threaten the security of the masses. However, when they need to be repaired, it is often difficult to find relevant owners.

  A few months ago, due to the prevention and control of the epidemic, the author was on a certain community, and found that the front of the door was blocked, the vehicle, the pedestrians were tied by rust, and the pedestrians will be knotted, and the pedestrians have falling risks.

I plan to contact repair, but I found that there is no owner information on the well cover.

After a few times, I finally found the relevant units and excluded hidden dangers.

The maintenance well cover is only two hours, and the time of the owner is several times. If there is an emergency, this speed is obviously not conducive to solving the problem.

  Some units will engage the name of the unit in the well cover, which is convenient for the passers-by to discover the problem, and perform regular inspections on the belonging cover. This approach is worth reference.

  Zhang Shuai, Handan City, Hebei Province (Editor: Yang Xiana, Son).