[Deep Infection] Happy life "cattle"

  Editor’s note: On the road to poverty, more and more poor households passed the government guidance, policy support and their hardworking hands from poverty, and walked into the road. Xinhuanet jointly launched a series of micro-video "Deep Printing" in the Shanxi Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office, with a freshly poverty story, how to adhere to the "poverty alleviation + Pi Zhi + Fu Zhi" The poor people go bigger forward on the road. Telling: Li Haishui Jinzhong City and Shunxian Yuncun Village, I called Li Haiwei, which is a Village, Jinzhong City and Shunxian Village, 72 years old this year.

  In the past, I am in a far-growing place at home, some corn, grain. There are 8 people in the family, and it is very difficult to live in the harvest. It is very difficult to live.

The mother has no money, the girl has not read the book, only to the primary school, did not come up in the middle. Later, the village came to poverty alleviation team, leaders introduced me to the farm to feed cattle.

I didn’t feed the cattle before, and I have accepted the training.

Cut the grass (treated forage), feed your feed … The lives in the cattle have trained it, and I am mainly responsible for cutting grass. After the scene, I have been very good. I can earn 2400 yuan a month, and I still have to eat.

Every year, I have been raising a cow in the field, and I have more than 40,000 people down a year. I have a corn in my home, remove yourself, and sell it to the cattle farm. This is also part of income.

  In the past few years, the income is good, the economy is good, and the house is also covered in the house, and the days are getting better and better. Producer: Chai Hai Liang Liu Yunyi Text: Wang Feihang Wu Bin Post Production: Wu Bin Xinhua Net Shanxi Branch Xinhua Net Shanxi Province Shanxi Province Poverty Alleviation Office.