[Review Line] Zhongan Times: Incorrecting technology to innovate, promote smooth operation of the economy

  On the 21st, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued the "Some Measures on Social Innovation Support Components and Delivery Operations" (hereinafter referred to as "measures").

"Measures" launched nine aspects of 18 specific measures, including launching the implementation of the "Science and Technology Assistance Economy 2020" key special project, implementing the innovation and development of technology-based SMEs.

  Science and technology innovation is an important support for the promotion of completion of recovery, safeguarding the economy, and do a good job in "six stable" work.

Based on current social development needs, and to address the impact of epidemic impact, it is necessary to increase the incentives and guarantees of science and technology innovation.

  "Let fullness" in scientific research and research. Science and Technology innovation is unpredictable from scientific research and development and scientific research.

To increase support from policy, actively promote technology innovation and entrepreneurship. "The right to speak".

To increase the support of the science and technology-type SMEs through the junction, the support of small and medium-sized enterprises is increased, and the promotion of the small and medium-sized, and the promotion of science and technology innovation. To increase the incentive guidance of high-tech enterprises, actively coordinate the resources of all parties, smooth the listing of financing, and provide more broad prospects for technology innovation.

  In the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

The final inspection standard for technology innovation is whether the results can be transformed into actual products and services. To increase the incentive efforts to transform the scientific and technological innovation, and promote more practical achievements to invest in the market, stimulate the speed of economic and social consumption. It can be combined with the transformation of mass lifestyle, consumption philosophy, etc., carrying out targeted technological innovation and pilot promotion, realizing scientific and technological innovation and market closely, stimulating market consumption vitality. Encourage and promote socialization, market-oriented technology transfer agencies, and provide more professional services, and ensure the transformation of scientific and technological innovation more efficient and orderly. In the cultivation of science and technology talents. Science and technology innovation, talent is to. Guarantee the vitality of science and technology innovation, the key to the cultivation of talents. To increase the strength of the technology talent service, combine talent training and production practice, combine with market demand, excavate and cultivate scientific and technological talents in front line to provide intellectual support for more innovative practice. It is necessary to focus on spring farming, animal disease prevention and treatment, and promote the development of scientific and technological talents to serve rural development, accelerate a group of advanced technological achievements that meet the actual needs, and accelerate the restoration of social production and life order.

To carry out scientific and technological assistance, let more technological talents stationed in poor areas, increase industry science and technology innovation experiments, and improve their industrial poverty alleviation. "The sea is horizontal, the square is the hero."

"At present, the global economic downtown pressure continues to increase, in the face of more severe risk challenges, more need us to grab the development opportunities, promote the economic and social high-quality development, and provide important support for the decisiveness to make a well-off society We have always believed that the Chinese people of the hero must be able to resolve risks, respond to challenges, and seize the opportunity. In the journey of the Chinese nation’s great rejuvenation Chinese dream. (Editor: Li Feng, Yue Hongbin).