The Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded "US nuclear submarine hit unknowns"

  Xinhua News Agency, November 2 (Reporter Zhu Chao, Warm) For the US Navy’s new release last month "Connecticut" nuclear submarine impact investigation report Fully respond to the concerns of regional countries.

  At the same day, there was a reporter asked: The US Navy has released the last month of the "Connecticut" nuclear submarine impact investigation report.

According to the report, the submarine caused serious damage because of impacting a "unknown seawater mountain", not to collide with other ships.

What should China respond to this? Wang Wenbin said that China has shown a serious concern to the accident, requiring the US to take a responsible attitude, making a detailed description, giving an satisfactory manner of the international community and regional countries.

  "We see that after a week, the US will publish a unknown statement, saying that the nuclear submarine hits unknown objects. After nearly one month, the US said it hit the ‘unknown Haishi Mountain’. It also deliberately blurred the accident location to the so-called ‘Indian International Waters’, and the specific location of the nuclear submarine, the specific location of the accident, whether there is any nuclear leak and destroy the marine environment in the exclusive economic area of ??the country, Waiting for the problem of serious concern and doubts, it has never made a clear explanation.

This is fully exposed to the ubiquity and irresponsible responsibility.

"He said.

  Wang Wenbin said that China once again urged the US to explain the situation of the accident and fully respond to the concerns of regional countries. "The key is to stop sending the warship army to strive to provoke, show off force, stop damage to the sovereign security of other countries. Otherwise, such accidents will not be less, only more.

"He said.