Yunnan West Double Thai Tea Nong: Wipe Nanwuxiao Tea Signboard

Scattered (right) is viewing the fresh leaves that are collected. After Su Yunhua took into the rainy season, it was wrapped in the fog from the south of the Xishuangbanna Township, Yunhai County, Yunnan Province, and the car was hoverted from the foot of the mountain. The higher the sea level, the more fog, the more fog, the fresh air flutter Come, the trees are more than the shadow, the tea is in the forest, the village is in the painting, crossing it is like crossing the mysterious situation.

After more than 30 minutes, the car went to the south of the mountains to stop, the initial deposit of the Nanxishan Thai Tea Professional Cooperative is located on the side of the road, and the cooperative sponsor is scattered and the workers have been fried together. Dry, dry tea. The scattered is the bodied Hani, according to him, during the rainwater tea, the cooperative’s fresh leaf processing volume is not large, according to the order quantity, just ask 5-6 workers, the amount of processing during spring tea, need please ask 15-18 workers.

"Since this year, the cooperative has produced more than 10 tons of dry tea, so that each member has increasing 10,000 yuan, and the cooperative has become a business card in Nano Mountain." "Nano Mountain tea, the history of tea, there are eight hundred Many years of cultivated tea kings, and the birthplace of Yunnan machinery tea, we must continue to do tea, wipe the signboard of South Luo Mountain tea. "Side of tea, while talking to Nanwu Mountain tea history. Under his driving and influence, more than 10 people in his brothers, children, and nephew women were engaged in the cause of Pu’er tea, committed to promoting the development of Pu’er tea industry.

In the early 1990s, the party committees and governments at all levels encouraged the personal office, scattered to township enterprises, school-run enterprises, after learning, please go to Pu’er Mao to buy back tea machine, in 1995, China built Nanlu Mountain The first batch of tea initiating institutes, specializing in the green tea. "From my memory, my family has tea gardens. Nanohan also has tea processing plants. I often take tea leaves with my parents and fresh leaves to the factory. The factory purchase staff shall be priced according to the price of fresh leaves, and the price is the highest. The oil salt is exchanged with tea, it is a few generations of Hani’s ‘money bag’, which is also a life.

"Survey. Introduction, from the initiative of the tea, the tea season has four or 50 villages to queue fresh leaves to the initiating sale, one day to receive 2 to 3 tons of fresh leaves. Market After picking up Pu’er tea, the scatter is made according to the market needs, selling Pu’er tea with more 依 依 古 树 tea, eco-tea as raw materials. In 2005, the company has reached a cooperative relationship, providing a raw material to the company. Have a cooperation has been cooperation.

In 2007, Pu’er tea prices have fallen sharply after a big rise, and many tea farmers can’t sell tea.

In order to solve the 13 tea farmers in the hills of the sales, scattering the hills, the Song, the old class, launched the establishment of Yanyan Tea Cooperatives, raising funds to acquire the unsalarmed tea of ??the hills of tea farmers, and solved the worry of sales for tea farmers. In order to better promote the development of tea farmers, in 2012, the scattered has established the establishment of Nano Mountain and Yizhai Tea Professional Cooperatives, and the members involved more zither, Nanli, Pulling Mad, Half slopes, mouth, girl village and other 9 More than 300 tea farmers in the village group, vigorously promote the ancient tea, ecological tea.

In 2015, the scatter proposal held Pu’er Tea Exhibition in Du Village. He funded production, wrapped a batch of bamboo tube tea made with Du Zhai tea, engraving the words "more than Yizhai good tea" on bamboo tube, as a souvenir Give guests to participate.

The scattering continues to expand the construction of the initiating system, the construction of the initiating system, today’s initial system covers an area of ??2 acres, has a withered area, fried tea area, stall, etc., there is a machine, tea, tea, etc. It has reached 60 tons. In recent years, the party committees and governments at all levels have continued to improve the construction of the village in the village. Thanks to the construction of Pu’er tea seven pieces, Du Zhai has become the transportation hub, the cement road is four-way, and the Nanluo Mountain, Haikai, the old class, etc. The well-known Pu’er tea mountain is connected to the line, forming a unique Pu’er tea mountain ring. At the entrance of the initial system, the Pu’er tea seven pieces road map, road sign, and tourism toilet have been established, and the continuous improvement of infrastructure provides great convenience to passing pedestrians. "Nanlu Mountain has more than 20 Hani villages, the Hani people have been protected, reasonably use the ancient tea gardens, constantly replant, and transform the ecological tea garden, so that the production of Nanohan tea will continue to develop." Said. With the development of the local tea industry, there are many people who come to Nanluo Mountain sightseeing, tour, the Hani costume, festival, song and dance, tea custom, etc., and have been well demonstrated.

"Next, I also want more ways to paint, sculptures, etc., show the outside world, the deep minority culture and Pu’er tea culture." It is his greatest wish. "I have painted a part on the wall of the initial store, but I feel that it is not enough. The air plant before the initial preparation can take it as a display, and I hope everyone will give an idea." (Editor: Xu Qian, Zhu Hongxia) Share let more people see.