Heilongjiang Province primary and secondary school teachers qualification begins to register on September 15

Heilongjiang Province (autumn) (autumn) identified primary and secondary school teachers, September 15th to 27th, you can log in to China Teacher Qualification Network, select "Teacher Qualification Applicant Net Entrance" to declare, according to prompt for teacher qualification to identify online Apply for registration. The identified object has not reached the national legal retirement age, with Heilongjiang household registration, residence permit (in the validity) or the active military personnel in the Black Force, Heilongjiang Province’s full-time in the school student can apply to the school. Criterion 1. Compliance with the Constitution and the law, love education, have good political quality, perform the obligations set by the "Teacher Law", abide by the teacher’s professional ethics; Primary School Teachers Qualifications Unified Exam and achieve the qualification certificate of the primary and secondary school teachers ", or participate in the exemption to identify the qualification of primary and secondary school teachers to obtain an educational graduate and public tutor of the" Teachers’ Professional Ability Certificate "within the validity period; 4 Mandarin level test reaches secondary two, B, and obtains the corresponding grade certificate (application language discipline call level requires two levels, etc.); qualified.

Teacher Qualification Criteria Kindergarten, Primary School and Junior Middle School Teachers Qualifications, by the applicant’s household registration, residential, troop station, to study the county (city, district) education administrative department of the school; senior high school, secondary vocational school, secondary vocational school internship Instruct the teacher’s qualification, the applicant’s household registration, residential, and the unit, and attend the city (ground) education administrative department of the school. The Qualification of Primary and Secondary School Teachers in Heilongjiang Province was confirmed during September 28 to October 30.

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