Erdos responded to annual salary 600,000 tricks primary and secondary school teachers: personnel reform measures

Original title: Erdos responded to the annual salary of 600,000 tricks Primary and secondary school teachers "This is a person’s reform measures, the coverage is very wide" is aimed at the "Erdos annual salary of 600,000 primary and secondary school teachers" in the media, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Erdos Yinholo The official sector was first responded for the first time. Important cleaning energy output base, ranking in front of the country in the country. He Yizhang, director of the Ijin Holleon flag, said that education is the biggest people’s livelihood, and the education work is to achieve the key development of Ijin Hollower leaps and enhance the regional competitiveness. In 2020, the full-flag education investment is 100 million yuan (the same as the same), accounting for the possible financial resources, the major indicators of public fiscal budget education, public funds, etc., in the forefront of Ordos. "The annual salary of 600,000 yuan, the primary and secondary school teachers are just a personnel reform measures in the comprehensive reform of our flag, and is not only for the graduates of Tsinghua, Peking University, and the coverage is very wide.

"He Shaiping is said.

  "For famous teachers, Erdosi Jinhofan can provide 120 square meters of housing or 350,000 yuan, master, master’s degree or above, provide 100 square meters of housing or 300,000 yuan, and the Ministry of Education directly under 6 Normal Colleges Undergraduate undergraduate students, Double-first-class construction, undergraduate students with 80 square meters of housing or 250,000 yuan.

"He Yizhang introduced.

  He Shapeing revealed that "In 2020, on the basis of the original preferential conditions, we have facing Tsinghua, Peking University graduates, has added annual salary preference policies.

"Graduated from Peking University, Yuze, currently in Ijin Hollow’s high school physics teacher, he said:" Ijin Hollower can give teachers so rich, let me feel the determination of local development education, I Very optimistic about local education prospects. "According to the official introduction, at present, the flag has been recruited to 1318 famous teachers and excellent college graduates, of which 211 people enjoy the above preferential policies.

  It is worth mentioning that the master’s degree in master’s degree in primary and secondary school teachers has increased from 2015%, and the master’s degree in graduates such as Peking University, Jilin University, Edinburgh, etc. have also come to the local area. Structural continuous optimization provides a solid foundation. Zuo Cheng Ji, a geography teacher, Erkin Hollow Campus, Ordos City, said: "As a doctoral student graduated from China Petroleum University, I saw this city asking for thirsty, if each of us is pregnant This city will have a breakthrough in the economic and cultural aspects of the city.

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