From June 1st, all lines of Xining bus can pay the bus

  As mobile payment is increasingly popular, mobile payment application scenarios is getting wider and wider.

Recently, Xining Bus Group and Tencent’s passenger code have reached a cooperation, launching mobile travel payment services, successfully retiding WeChat brush code to bring bus. From June 1st, Tencent passed the car code in Xining bus line. In the future, Xining citizens took a bus, except for UnionPay flash, Alipay, you can also use WeChat to ride, which is not only to find change. It is also safe and convenient. It is understood that the passenger code is the QR code-based payment service based on WeChat applet development. It is very simple to use. The first time the passer code is opened. After the opening of the passenger code, Xining City will automatically join the card package.

When you take a bus, open the "Bill Code" and use the QR code to align the machine to take a bus.

It is worth mentioning that using Tencent passenger code, passengers don’t have to worry about problems such as poor network or less than balance, because Tencent passenger code relies on second speed verification technology, even in the case of poor network, you can also achieve brushing The code rides, let the passengers enjoy the travel experience of "first ride, post-pay".

Tencent passenger code rely on WeChat ecology, integration of big data, financial science and technology, so that traffic travel and smart city seamlessly, quickly advances Xining public transportation system wisdom upgrades, accelerating the progress of Xining in smart cities, Enhance the public’s quality of life.

  From June 1st to June 15th, users who opened Xining bus passenger code can receive the new users’ exclusive 15 tickets for new users, and they can deduct fare when they take Xining bus. In addition to ride payment function, Xining citizens can also query real-time bus information through Tencent passenger code applet, not only to arrange their own time, improve travel efficiency, but also flexibly choose short bus hours. Travel solution. (Editor: Liu Peiran, Yang Yang).