Feng Jiugou Township, Yanchi County: Civilization Townsproof

"I have 6 member members in 7 grandson, and Xiao Sunzi graduated this year. At present, it has also submitted to the party organization to submit an application for the party.

I am in the party for 66 years, I am the best home inheritance in our family.

"Feng Qing, 92-year-old this year, is a villager of Feng Jitgou, Feng Jigou Township, Yanchi County, in his opinion, is an excellent" home style "and" township ", so that the revitalization of rural residence is more powerful.

Recently, the reporter entered Feng Qingjia with the "Consolidation of Povertygrant Promoting Rural Revitalization" with the Party Committee Propaganda Department of the Autonomous Region, and the rural Zhenxing Bureau, and I walked into Feng Qingjia. I saw the spacious and bright in the house, and the whole family of festive hanging in the living room.

"In the past, we can install photovoltaic power generation equipment for each yard. We can not only use electricity, but the remaining electric home appliances are also recycled, but also more than 3,000 yuan per year.

However, many neighbors don’t understand, refuse to install radiation, our whole family agreed, this is the country with photovoltaic to give us poverty alleviation.

"Feng Qing’s son Feng Shengzhang introduced that since 2017, it was successfully passed in 2017, and the life of the family was getting better and better. She and his wife can be employed at home, the child is stable, and the self-establishment garage has an electric door. It can be opened for more than 100 meters. The sergeant new village is an immigrant village of Feng Jitou. In 2018, the whole village is depressed, and Yanchi County also takes the lead in achieving the poverteil cap in Ningxia 9 poor counties.

Today, relying on the "smashing sleeves and refueling", the village has a per capita net income of 9,000 yuan in the first half of the year, and the collective economic income in the village is expected to reach 500,000 yuan.

"Liu Jinming old man in the village once alcohol again, the village has a ‘Siji’ points red black list, Liu Jinming’s points are too low to enter the black list. The village’s pioneer demonstration households have helped it, the old man ‘big variable ‘, Now it has become a good-neighborly harmonious demonstration. "Yang Fang, secretary of the party branch of Feng Yugou, pointed to the" Red List ", and the village is precise" putting the pulse "governance problem, carrying out rural governance work in two levels of four-level grid. , Integrate the rule of law, autonomous and morality "three governments", establish "three governance" points supermarket.

At the same time, combined with the red black list and the "new style" volunteer service team, carry out the "six pioneers" demonstration leading action, one drop, a little bit of good domestic and civilized countryside, laid a good job for industrial development and rural residence Base.

"The ‘home style promotes’ towns’,’ township ‘promotes’ governance’, rural governance is good, the environment is more comfortable, the industry is more divers, the happiness of the people is also stronger.

"Zhang Jincheng, the party secretary of Feng Jigou Township, Feng Yugou Village fully exerts the role of grassroots party building leading, adopting" branch leads + cooperative management + department help + village cadres "" villagers into stock + farmers beat cow hosted "development model, full Strong Village is rich.

At present, the infrastructure of beef cattle breeding park and Jin Du Tan Sheep Breeding Park, the new military and civilian solidarity demonstration square and pig breeding park, introduced 200 million yuan Minu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Coal Ganguish deep processing project, the whole village existing sauer cow 70, The circulation and concentrates a small poppet of 1,500 mu, and the sanitary and tidy in the village is clean and the environment is beautiful. (Reporter Chen Yao Wangrui) (Editor: 梦 婕, Jia Ru) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.