For "You", "We are the First Secretary" in Wuhan Road

  Xinhua Net Wuhan November 18th (Wu Wenhua) "The fate of nearly 100 million changes, more than 1800 people sacrificed dedication." The film "We are the first secretary" on November 17th in Wuhan Road. This is a film record youth, dedication, responsibility, courage. "I am a student of the Media Academy. This film makes me surprised and touched. Surprised to live in the big city, did not feel these scenes in the movie. Touched these first secretary, with their best year Go to dedication and pay, in exchange for a better life. On the same day, in the movie "We are the first secretary" Wuhan Road, a viewer said after reading the film. The film "We are the first secretary" adopted the segmental collection narrative method, through the real image material, recorded the villagers in the village, the first secretary of the villagers in the village, education, anti-panasi, protect the harvest, easy to poverty alleviation Dedication, portrayed the first secretary to root the poor and poverty alleviation, swaying youth with blood, using action to interpret the moving moments.

  "We are the first secretary" by Xinhua News Agency, Xinhuanet Co., Ltd., Beijing Wonderful Time Culture Media Co., Ltd. Officially released.

The picture shows the film "We are the first secretary" in Wuhan Road, many viewers moved tears. On the same day, the film "We are the First Secretary" producer Wei Wei arrived, and the audience shared the story behind the scenes. He said that for the first secretary, it is a battle that does not have a retreat. They have done a lot of work, and there are many stories that are not known. These deeds should be seen by more people. Xinhua News Agency has started shooting in 2019, and the first secretary of the first secretary is taken in 3 years. The film crew has collected a large number of precious materials. This film is packaged by these material images, eventually Walk into the theater. Wei Wei said that this film is a collision and attempt of news and movies. Its biggest specialty is true. Every place, the filming team will first spend a lot of time to communicate with the interview object, because only the people around them, after immersing to the village who will shoot, the villagers will be unfamiliar with the shooting team, and the film crew can shoot The most authentic material, so the entire shoot has continued to last for 3 years. At the end of the film, the photos of the first secretary sacrificed on the poverty campaign battlefield flashed on the large screen, and the back of this Chinese miracle was transferred to the audience, and there were countless people’s persistence and use life to guard the delivery of life.

At this time, the audience was silent, and many viewers were swallowed.

  "Father is a grassroots worker, when a film is watching a picture, I remembered my father." "I am particularwegoing very much, the film can use the camera to be omnipotent, shaped The top of the armored grassroots worker personnel is the most soft part, showing the big screen.

"I am a public security police, and I am also in the first line of the grassroots. The first secretary adheres to their beliefs. It is worth learning. We will do our best to do our own position." Seeing the Northeast of the film. " Go to the corn, this tells us that no matter what the natural disasters are going to overcome it, defeat it. "Many spectators shared their own feelings.