“Let’s go with it to kill demons。”

Fahai laughed at this,Leading these two young disciples to the direction of the hospital。
At this time, Xu Xian is holding a pack of fruits that have just fallen from the tree,Looking at Bai Suzhen’s other courtyard with delight。
On the way to the West Lake, I was stopped by three monks。
“donor,I see your Yintang is black,Enchanting,I’m afraid I hit a monster recently, right?。”
Xu Xian was taken aback by the three most inexplicable people,Turn to be a little angry:“Where did the monk come from?。”
“broad daylight,Lang Lang Qian Kun,Where did the monsters come from。”
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Four Rabbit nest
Fahai hasn’t spoken yet,Mai Fan shook his head behind:“This is also the size of the main world,All odds,Little monk, I moved from Chang’an to Shaolin,Shaolin moved to Jinshan Temple,What you do is rest your ability to subdue demons and demons。”
“I wonder if this donor has seen the story of Painted Skin。”
“That’s powerful ghosts can wear human skin and walk in the sun,Those monsters that can transform,How can you be sure that she doesn’t exist by your side now……Hidden in this downtown。”
“The three of us appeared a bit abrupt,But why so many people only find you the owner。”
“And recently you have met some stranger from outside?”
“The kind of beautiful woman who is not a mere mortal but still has an inexplicable fairy air?”
“Amitabha,It must be a very charming opposite sex that can make a man lose his basic thinking ability。”
“So we can infer,The owner must have encountered the demon that my master said。”
Said by Mai Fan,Xu Xian was a little stunned。