Arrested the remaining robber group members,I found the gold coin hidden by the other leader,Tang Ze has done a great job including searching the three elements,But it also made Tang Ze not receive a job for a week.。

No one wants to help,After all, if you finish your work,,Have to grab someone’s work,Even if you are kind, you will be hated。
to be frank,I still pay attention to these on the neon side,Especially in the current economic downturn,Everyone tried their best to express themselves,Don’t want to sit on a cold bench。
No one will appreciate you if you take someone’s job,So even in the next week,Tang Ze’s search of the three elements is just normal daily work,But no one said anything。
After all, since Tang Ze arrived,This month, their three departments have completed many cases,The limelight is enough to win,It’s not good to be too late。
Of course Tang Ze was so happy,Go to work paddling or go out on patrol every day,And at the end of the month, it is even more happy。
Because of salary,Tang Ze left a part and put the rest of the money on his parents card,Having this money can still make parents a lot easier。
It’s the weekend in the blink of an eye。
this day,Tang Ze was invited and Xiaolan、When Conan went to Yuanzi’s mountain villa together。
A cloudy day where the sun is covered by dark clouds,Even during the day the light is a little gloomy,And if it’s walking through the forest path,This feeling will become stronger。
And in this environment,With Xiaolan who has a bad sense of direction,Everyone got lost in the middle。
But fortunately, Tang Ze found out in time,Finally won the power to lead the way,The three of them walked out of the jungle without risk。
With the sudden light in front of my eyes,The field of vision in front of you suddenly widens,A wooden suspension bridge came into view。
Look at the swaying wooden bridge in front of you and the cliffs and rapids below,Tang Ze couldn’t help but feel weak。
This familiar routine,Simply。
“what?There seems to be someone over there…”Xiaolan walked two steps on the wooden bridge before she found the figure ahead,“Was that person Yuanzi invited to the villa??”
“Yep…should be…”
Conan casually echoed,But I didn’t expect the figure in front of them to suddenly turn around,And until this moment everyone can see the whole picture of each other clearly!