“none of your business…”Mouri Kogoro turned his head impatiently when he heard the words,But I didn’t expect to see Tang Ze,Can’t help but be surprised:“why you?”

First110chapter Chance encounter【Ask for recommendation~】
Facing the astonishment of Kogoro Mori,Tang Ze rolled his eyes anger。
What is me,It’s like I can’t be in this place。
I still want to say how it is you,I can meet you when I come out to a banquet。
And now that I met Kogoro Mouri,…Is that far from Conan??
Tang Ze responds to Moori Kogoro’s words,While looking around,Soon I saw Xiaolan and Conan picking up the meal not far away。
“what,Tang Ze Criminal,I didn’t expect to see you here。”Saw Mouri Kogoro and Tang Ze coming by,Xiao Lan couldn’t help being surprised:“Are you coming to the party too?”
“what,I came over to get a signature。”Tang Ze shook the signature plate in his hand and smiled:“Elders prefer sumo,It’s nice to have a signature meeting of Kazutoiwa, right?。”
“That’s it。”Xiaolan nodded clearly,Immediately looked at Moori Kogoro Road:“father,Didn’t you ask for the autograph of Kazutoiwa just now??Why didn’t you see?”
“Humph…”Mouri Kogoro snorted when he saw it.,Don’t explain,Ran straight to the table to eat and drink。
And Tang Ze smiled helplessly,To the doubting Xiaolan、Conan and the two explained the previous oolong。
“Dad is really…What a rude!”