Just in the aftermath of the wave,Sweeping to the red and black。
As the protagonist influencing both sides,I am looking at the panel and eager to try,As for why,Then naturally it’s a lottery!!
Although I didn’t get any item rewards this time,It’s an opportunity to increase the chance of daily skill acquisition and500Fate point。
But this also gave Tang Ze finally enough chance to draw ten consecutive draws。
1200Fate point!
Plus the original700point,This is the fate point that Tang Ze has now。
Speaking of,Tang Ze has performed well recently because of various cases,Prevented a lot of cases。
But it was precisely because the case was prevented,Rewards are good,What you get is all props,But no fate point,It took Tang Ze to save ten consecutive draws but it took a lot of time。
This is the so-called trouble of happiness, right?~
Not much gossip,Because I’m thinking about modification opportunities,Therefore, Tang Ze decisively rewarded the use of this increase in the chance of daily skill draw。
Regarding the increase in the chances of this draw,Although Tang Ze’s plan is to acquire skills to modify vehicles,Put the roaring engine on the car。
But if you take this precious chance to draw,Used“Car modification”It’s obviously a waste。
So Tang Ze played slippery here,Not just choose“Car modification”But“Mechanical modification”。
Don’t look at just changing two words,But the general scope of this skill is much larger。
But relatively speaking,The upper limit of this type of skill is also much higher,For example, the musical skills Tang Ze acquired,Every time I draw, I will note the instrument branch later。