My memory ends here abruptly!

Thinking back to this terrible picture,I still have lingering fears,Ouyang watched me stay silent,So I asked:”Brother Zhao,What is your opinion?“
I woke up,Took a look at Ouyang:”I think your view is far-fetched,I don’t think the island observer has any connection with the shipwreck,But you said someone deliberately caused the passenger ship to sink,I think this assumption can be established。“
Zhang Sha put down her notebook,Turned to look at us:”I have a different opinion,I think the shipwreck is not necessarily caused by man!I did some surveys on passenger ships before,The Poseidon passenger ship is85Years of service into the sea,Till now18Years have passed33year,The general cruise ship age is40year,That cruise ship is already aging,Equipment parts are aging,So the fire should be caused by the aging of the components。“
Ouyang was a little surprised:”Why do you know this?Why investigate passenger ships?“
Zhang Sha’s face is solemn:”I pay special attention to safety,So I deliberately investigated the cruise ship before boarding,I didn’t want to come,But the company specified me to be in this month23ArrivalxCountry Office,So I had to take this ship,I didn’t expect such a thing to happen。“
I thought about it,Then speak:”Zhang Sha’s analysis makes sense,But i think,The storm came too strange,I also checked the weather forecast that morning,There was no storm at all at sea that day,and,Logically,Although the passenger ship is aging,But at least it can withstand the impact of waves,But the hull would break,This thing is abnormal,This does not rule out the possibility of deliberate sabotage。“
Zhang Sha nodded:”Brother Zhao,The cruise ship catches fire,It’s okay to crack and overturn,These are unpredictable results,I don’t think we should care about these at the moment,Didn’t Uncle Ouyang tell me??Guo Jinhai’s rescue fleet is coming,I think that is what we need to pay attention to,To the observers on these islands or something,Actually it has nothing to do with us。“
Ouyang waved:’Salsa,Don’t rush to leave,Let’s analyze carefully,If someone really wreaks havoc on the passenger ship,What is his motive?Why did the mysterious storm come after he wrecked?Does this mean,His purpose of sabotage was to make the passenger ship anchor,Wait for the storm to come and end us completely?it is good!In that case,What is his purpose in wanting the life of our boat?”
Speaking of which,Ouyang’s expression became solemn:“Sasha, have you thought about it?If someone arranges such an accident,Let us drift to this island,Will he let us leave easily?And we found that this observation point and these data,Does it indirectly indicate that the passenger ship crash is related to these??”
Zhang Sha was dumbfounded,It took a long time to say:“Uncle Ouyang,Didn’t you say that the search and rescue team wanted to let me go as soon as they came??Why are you talking so madly??You care about their conspiracy or not,As long as I can leave this ghost place。”
I looked at Zhang Sha’s eyes lightly:“What do you mean by Uncle Ouyang,We can’t leave the island for now,And the search and rescue team probably won’t be able to reach here。”
Zhang Sha’s eyes are red,She looked at Ouyang excitedly:“What should we do now?Are you going to wait for death??”
Ouyang is ashamed and authentic:“Sorry salsa,I didn’t tell you this before,I’m just afraid of your random thoughts,Brother Zhao is with us now,I’ll tell you clearly,It is estimated that we will fight a protracted battle on the island in the future,You have to be mentally prepared。”