This text message was sent by Tang Ze to ask Officer Takagi to help,To deal with this moment。

He knew,After the case is resolved,Conan and Hattori Heiji will definitely ask him,So I have already figured out the verbal strategy to deal with。
Conan and Hattori Heiji on the side heard Tang Ze’s actions,Fell into a long silence。
Missing information,Naturally unable to make a more accurate judgment,It is inevitable。
And this case,Let them realize their shortcomings again。
Don’t talk about Tang Ze using his identity,Inquire about news on the island。
This contact,Will Conan and Hattori Heiji be less??
“Kudo of Kanto,Hattori of Kansai”,But they are all famous high school detectives。
The first is Kudo Shinichi from Kanto,Relying on the connections laid down by my father and his excellent reasoning ability,Called by the media“The savior of the police。”
The rich second generation and the star second generation did not bring any negative effects,Instead, there are many little fans,Even the stars like him。
Next is Hattori Heiji from Kansai,He is backed by his father, Hattori Heizo, the head of the Osaka Police Department,Please daddy’s men,It’s not easy to inquire about information on a small island。
But they didn’t think of this,This is the lack of preparation,Is the gap between consciousness and judgment!
First264chapter Shrinking rewards
After sending the distress letter,The two of them are completely focused on finding someone。
But he didn’t notice Saori, the door association,The intimate connection with this relatively small island。
This is a shortcoming of the overall situation。
Just like Hattori Heiji complained before,When asking for information about Saori,They came from the office to the part-time shop,Then went to the shrine。