Although he has no script,But the same,This has also become a feast of free display。

He can act according to his wishes。
In the next time,No one will question what decision he makes。
Because the rules are uncertain,No one can control him。
not to mention,Since he was brought by the villain to fulfill his wish,Then the former villain must have encountered a huge failure in the process of this display,That caused the result he is in now。
and so,Those so-called companions might be enemies,Can you find the other party?,Is it really that important??
Mai Fan yawned when thinking of this place。
Just nowA001-005Did these people say how long the display period is??
Just when the tears from the corners of Mai Fan’s eyes came out,Barrage gave the answer he wanted again。
‘This person is really salted fish,Even if the original display life period is one month,But this is the first day,He dared to lie flat by himself without knowing any situation……’
‘Is this overwhelmingly chosen player here to be funny??’
This timeA001Still don’t forget Mai Fan who slandered this world。
‘A001:It’s really possible,Mai Fan was such a shit when he was in school。’
‘Do you know how to be maverick?,He thinks he is better than anyone else,When there are more people, he will be like a peacock,I want everyone to see him。’
‘Now humans all over the world are watching their performance.?’
‘He did the opposite,Maybe I want to blog people’s attention?’