What the hell is this bastard doing?Is he acting in a costume play??I almost got my jaw dropped by this scene。

I was surprised,Suddenly saw Wang Jun turning into a red shadow,I rub!Is this bastard hung up the accelerator??
In a daze,A sudden surge of air,That guy actually appeared on the grass three meters away in front of me,Those savages who couldn’t dodge were shaken out by the air wave,Looks like they look very jealous,Retreating with snake spear,Other savages seem to perceive something,They are backing fast,Only me and him are left on the grass。
Wang Jun rubs the silk cuffs,Raised his head and smiled sinisterly at me:“Zhao Pu,We meet again!You didn’t think it was me?”
“To you!What are you doing like a Thai ladyboy??Do you want to stand on the street or do business??”
I can’t help but mock him,Simultaneously grip the snake spear,I will never let him go this time,But my heart is very strange,Why do these savages respect him so much,How did this guy become so powerful and weird?
Wang Jun’s face finally changed:“listen,I didn’t come to tease you!Listen to me,You are so lucky,It’s actually the Seventh Chosen,I never dreamed that you would be the chosen one!Really bad luck。”
“Without further ado!What do you mean?You dress like a red envelope, don’t you want to ask me for money??I also tell you,Grandpa is temporarily nervous,Can’t care about you。”
I directly turned on the spray mode to him,For such a dog thing,I have always spoken mercilessly。
Wang Jun’s face is trembling,I can see that he is desperately restraining his anger,It took him a long time to say:“listen,Since you know who you are, you should follow us,Did you see that person?”
Wang Jun turned his head and pointed at the piercing man,The guy nodded majesticly at me,Don’t tell me,His fan is still quite good。
”He is the chief elder of the patron saint,They are the races responsible for selecting the seven sons,You go with us,As long as the dedication of the gods is successfully completed,You might be a god,Then in this island world,You can call the wind and rain the omnipotence!“