Unexpectedly, He Ziqi is also a lobbyist,I smile faintly:“From my perspective,You are not mature enough to leave here,The first is the fuel life issue,Then there is the route problem,I don’t recommend you to go,Su Mei insists on leaving,I can’t do it。“

He Ziqi sighed:”I know Brother Zhao, you won’t help us,Actually you don’t know,Sister Su Mei always thought you were going with her,I didn’t expect you to be so affectionate。“Just finished,He Ziqi turned around and left。
I want to distinguish a few words,But I can’t say what I say,I had to watch Ziqi disappear into the aisle,Looks like I really hurt Su Mei,But what can i do!
Around eight o’clock in the evening,Su Mei is finally back,I stood by the beach and waited for her for hours,Wenru and Ouyang are waiting with me,We burned a bonfire and sat on the beach waiting for her,These two guys are surprised at my bald head,They joked with me for a long time,Finally stopped。
About eight o’clock,Her boat finally appeared,She came back with a cold face and ignored us,Embarrassing us who greeted us with a smile。
Around ten thirty in the evening,Su Mei asked her to leave tomorrow,Ouyang was shocked:”My aunt,You have to practice more skills,You are too reckless to start like this。“
”I can’t manage so much,I will go home tomorrow!Don’t any of you want to stop me!“
Su Mei looked decisive,Raised eyebrows,A pair of Danfeng eyes are full of awe-inspiring heroism。
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Island world
I lost sleep all night。
I have never insomnia like this,Chu Hong and Su Mei appeared repeatedly in his head,They have various smiles and vivid smiles in my mind,Let me toss and turn。
What I always worry about is,This plan to go to sea is very naive and very stupid,Su Mei is just a novice,Currently only able to sail,She simply cannot cope with the treacherous and repeated changes in the sea,Besides, their supplies can’t go far,In other words,They are going to die this time!
I thought of this before,But there is a huge dollar reward in my head,I didn’t think about it。
The more I think about it, the more I can’t sleep,Suddenly a bold idea popped up!This idea makes me tremble,I just blow up the boat!So Su Mei and Ziqi can’t leave,But Su Mei found out that it was the ship that I bombed, she would definitely not let me go,So this method is immature。
of course,I have another way,This method is even more vicious,I can completely spread the yachting matter,This news will definitely drive those survivors crazy,They will take the yacht,But it will definitely lead to a fight,If there is a killing, it is not my original intention。So this method is not feasible。
Think about it,I decided to discuss with Ouyang,That guy is always cunning,Maybe it can provide me with a good way。
I called Ouyang out of bed,That guy was dragged out of the bed sleepily by me,Unhappy:”Brother Zhao, what are you doing?,Can’t I say something tomorrow??“
I drag him to the hidden place of the cargo box,Tell me my thoughts again,Ouyang sighed helplessly:”Brother Zhao, why did you go?,It’s too late for you to think of a solution,You know Su Mei’s hot virtue,If we knew we designed her,She must kill us!No no no,I’m not involved in your plan,Offended Brother Zhao,I can’t help you with this。“
”Brother Zhao is right!They can’t leave like this!“
Suddenly there was a sound behind me,We were taken aback,Turn around,It’s Wenru that kid,I didn’t expect him to eavesdrop。