Li Li Mingliang now suddenly some understand why the wind has been with people who are game,Never had real strength of the RCC。

Lee has been the wind because the hearts of the more traditional kind,Everything is fair and fair。
Originally, he wanted Lee also reported wind things up,But now he feels necessary to conceal it.。
But for his family,He did not want to hide。
Lee can have such a strong wind strength friend,Whether for yourself or family,That future is a guarantee。
Many super girls have the strength of Li Hui, which is such strength, the strength of the strength.。
This is why some of the top heavyweights of the family even if mistakes are not killed。
Because some people have the strength to protect。
“Lee brother,You know the strength of the door division?”
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“Forehead,You should know it?”
Li Liming Liang asked a wind door division problem,He also wants to quickly smoothed over。
After all, he is really no。
Door division dare let you know that the strength of the people out?”
“Hey-hey,I didn’t have this strength at the beginning??
Only recently breakthrough。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Liming Liang suddenly realized。
“exactly,But you this strength to break through to this realm,It is not really able to hide bullets?”
“have no idea,untested,I do not want to try,After all, I do not want to hold his life joke,But I should not,Although fast,But it should also be fast bullet。”
Lee’s words wind let Dawn Hill are relieved with Li Mingliang。
In their eyes,Li Hui Feng is now just a breakthrough,There is no real realization。
If you really reach the realm,Some things really caus them。
“Ok,However, Li’s brother, this strength is still in the countryside.,I also admire,Your mentality is not a general person.。”
“Forehead,Is this strong strength??
And my strength is generally used.,Just used to protect the fitness,I don’t have any direct contact with me in the countryside.。”
Li Hui has some meaning that I don’t understand the meaning of Trice.。
He even felt that he just said that he is a rural person.,What do others misunderstood?。
“Hey-hey,It’s nothing to see now.,But your strength will be used.,That is related.。”
Dawn Mountain is also a slogan:“I want you to have this strength.,Just go out to execute a job task,Can develop hometown,It’s too slow to develop.,There is a country’s support is the fastest.。”
Although I don’t know what mission is said in Dawn Mountain.,But how much Li is still curious。
“Li Di,What tasks are you talking about??”
“Forehead,You can’t do this.,Must like me with my brother,First enter the arm, then enter the party step by step,You still develop your own,Waiting for me to return to you,See if you can bring you。”
This word in Dawn Mountain makes Dawn。