“Forest president,this,Can you still?,You also know that it is important,This is impossible to launch with your mobile phone.,In case it is leaked.,Isn’t it a heavy loss??”Master explanation。

“What else is there?。”Lin Feng heard the words,His handy magic knife knife broke out,The horrible knife is directly swept to the figure of the master。
“Do not!”
I have made a desperate sound in the throat of the master.。
Face this terrible knife,He felt the breath of death,This knife,There is no one in the world.,He has no chance to make a ghost.。
Yuan God is the soul by illusion as a real performance.,Yuan Shen destroyed,Then the thorough smoke is disappeared.。
Scary horror horror,Stop。
Do not have a master, sweating,His face is on the sweat,Looking at Lin Feng with the color of fear。
“You are also afraid to go to the West?”Lin Feng faint:“tell me,How to get the eight waste gong master,As long as you help me get the eight waste gong,I will teach you the big thunder knife method in the future.,If you use a big thunder knife method to quench the god and the meat shell,Your life will skyrocket,In the future, the success of Nirvana,Even if you don’t hit Nirvana,You rely on this body,Clear crime,Living Buddha is also afraid of you three points!”
“I……”Non-admiral masters, the eyes of the gods with a hot bride:“You really will pass to me!”
“good,Of course teach you,but you,Must be a dog!”Lin Feng carrying hands,Bring a horrible cold:“Faithful for me!”
“you!”Non-admiral masters have changed their face brush,who is he?A gold level big forces。
In China,At the international high,When did you have suffered such a humiliation?。
“Then you will go to the West to see the Buddha.。”Lin Feng heard the light and cold,With a sinous and decisive,Hand in the hand of the magic knife。
Directly piercing the heart of the master,Then I have been uploaded from the heart of the master.,Even his Yuan god was pierced by Lin Feng.。
Of course, this knife did not stab the master.,His blood is constantly flowing,It is getting closer to death。
“Forgive me,I am willing to do a dog for the forest.。”Master trembling,He tried to say this.。
“Humph!”Lin Feng heard,Walking is cold:“In order to show your loyalty,You need to do it for me.,Get eight waste gods,This is eligible to be my dog。”
“Owner,I must do it.!”Take the master, urgent voice。
“very good,very good,There are still four times now。”Lin Feng took the mobile phone:“In this time period,You need to take back the Eight Wilderness Practice,Kill ten masters,Take this to show your loyalty!”Power transformation on Lin Fenghua Devils,It is not too dazzling for a vast life.。
At the same time, the five poisons in his body also also turned into a big day.,Moisturizing the body of the master,Master’s face change is incomparable。
“Yes,Owner,I will give the owner now.,Just is not integrity。”Non-admiral masters 闻 神 道 道。
“You have?”Lin Feng heard the sound。
NS772chapter Early Wildlin Six Dynasties
“Owner,Eight waste gods, although precious,However, there is only one master.,It is a chicken rib,Our Tongzan is all about the characters who condense the gods.,I understand the situation of the sky。”Master a teacher heard a respectable。
“very good,very good!”Lin Feng heard his hands:“Tell me now.!”
“Yes,Owner!”Master a teacher heard a respectable,Immediately, the master reaches the finger in the void.,Golden airflow envelopes in void,Popularize ancient characters。
“Eight wild,Only my alone,Gods……”Ancient tabs have been in void。
Lin Feng carrying hands,One hand still holds the devil knife,Take the master, like a roast chicken, by Lin Feng used the devil knife.,Continue to draw ancient characters。
Ocean sprinkle,Thousand words finished writing。