Can see the future world,Can also go back to the past world,This is the most proud capital of Big Eyeball,In its view,Only such ability can be called skill,No matter how powerful other magical techniques are, they are not worthy of exposure,Especially free world,Outrageously backward,Tianzun is nothing but you。

If it is not the proof of the Holy Spirit,And this guy has repeatedly shown incredible abilities,Juveniles absolutely do not believe,Now what he has to face is such a strong ability,And the guy who had a deep relationship with him。
This guy wants to change him,Obviously malicious,Young people can’t show special targeting and hostility,Big eyes can read mind,You will be noticed if you are not careful,Will the consequences be more extreme,Even more catastrophe,Can only go one step at a time。
Thought of here,The youth’s sudden anger can only be forced back,Calm down,Maintaining the status quo is currently the only option。
And there are too many dilemmas right now,too complicated,Many places need to use the name of big eyes to promote,The huge world of freedom,The royal family and the various forces are in chaos,Li Tan has obviously been surrendered by big eyes,Except Five Elements Island,It seems that the only thing that can help a little bit is the Golden Crow Sacred Palace,PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is not easy。
“What is thinking?Li Tan, see you。”The words of the Golden Crow Sacred Palace rang in my ears,Pulling the boy back from the chaotic and decadent thoughts。
“Let him come。”The boy looked at the five-element island people who knelt down,Suddenly there is a feeling of sadness from the heart。
One thousand two hundred and thirty-nine chapters A knife first
“You are weak,Can you hold it??”The Golden Crow Sacred Palace has recovered a little vitality,Reinforce the human form,Although I am weaker,But I noticed that the boy had entered a fragmented state again,Very worried about this son。
“Okay,I am young,Fast recovery。”Teenager smile,But the frowning brows never stretched,Because God hides the world and there are signs of bad things,He has no time to check,Li Tan has come slowly,Can only put it aside。
“I have seen the Young Palace Master、Golden Crow Palace。”Li Tan is so humble,Stand and hold fists,The proud shadow of a generation of Tianzun,I can’t find any more points on him。
“Li Tianzun worked hard。”The teenager is still sitting on the ground,Not arrogant,But I can’t stand up after trying a few times,The energy of the whole body has been pumped clean。
“Matter within,Don’t work, the palace owner is concerned,Here,like……”Li Tanzi entered the Five Elements Island,I saw all kinds of strange phenomena along the way,Unexpectedly, the neighborhood where the teenager lives is even more devastated,a mess,It seems that some masters just passed the general battle。
And the Five Elements Island gathered here,The teenager is obviously weak,Although the Golden Crow Palace tried to hide,But you can tell at a glance,One arm seems to be broken,What happened here?
“Something went wrong in the activation of the Holy Fire Foundation。”The boy didn’t want to talk with Li Tan about the Holy Fire Temple.,Ambiguous response,“But I don’t know what’s going on on Wongtee Island?”
“Royal Court Island has been destroyed。”Smart as Li Tan,Since it’s something you can’t ask,Naturally won’t ask again,The answer to the question is pretty straightforward。
“Oh,After all, nothing left,my fault。”