This person is the old man of the penalty of the punishment.,According to the generation, there is no this day.,However, this person has changed himself.,Named old old。

The fourth plane came out of a monk.,This monk is burly,Like anger,Body with a majestic color,This person is the mysterious master of the Shaoshan Mountain,Chief Executive,Less room mountain name,The status of this person is not the same.。
The people led by four people walked down the plane.。
“Goddess,You are getting more and more local,Day,You are more and more like a Buddha,Munublest, your old face,Who stole your daughter??”Tang Shen Mo’s figure walked down the plane,Laughing,His figure is like thunder。
“Ha ha!”The God of Wealth Warm Wen Haha laughs:“Tang Shen,Your sister,Why are you still dead??All day is like a quick hanging。”
“Amitabha,It is all of us to see the Buddha,The goddess will also die in the world.。”Daily leather smile smiles。
“Tang Shen,This joke is not good.。”Mysterienism master looks awkward,It seems that the Tang Shen magic reveals his embarrassment.。
“Ha ha,Open a joke,I heard that you will come.,Today, I will get together with you today.,Drink a few more cups。”Tang Shenmo haha smiled:“cough!”
“Tang Shen,You can be good when you are sick.?”The dream of smiling in the day is step by step to Tang Shen,He takes a step each time,A golden lotus in the foot。
Steps Jinlian!
This is the Buddha Gate,Take a step each step,The real gas flows from the feet,Condensing gold lotus shape,This god does not have any effect,But it is supreme.。
“I can’t wait for a lifetime.。”Tang Shenmian:“How are you interested??”
“Amitabha,You can come,I can’t come.?The Qinglong Chamber of Commerce is an important partner of my Tuzong.,I can give the Qinglong Merchant Face.?”Gao Xuan has a Buddha。
“Mogame you??”Tang Shenmian looked at Mysterna Master:“Take the poor this time it is just to join in the lively.,Don’t have anything,Such a grand will have not participated in many years.。”
“Fat god,And you?”Tang Shen Magic Road。
“Ha ha……Qinglong Chamber of Commerce is an important partner of my fairy cabinet。”Zhang Xuanji haha laughed:“I must have to join this time.,By the way, see this founder Lin Feng president,I am going to introduce my daughter.,Mystery,Do you want to introduce your daughter to this forest?,Lin President But the teenager。”
Mysterienism,Later low channel:“Goddess,The little girl has always been a master.。”
“Ha ha,Mystery,I thought you dared to admit it.。”On the face of Zhang Xuan’s face, I suddenly took a brids.。
“What I dare not admit?。”Mysterienism:“Old, this time, when you go back, you will be in the face of the world.,Announce this matter,Old 衲 衲 任 任 室 室 山 长 一 一 一!”
“it is good,a,it is good!”God of Wealth is laughing:“I admire you,I thought you were holding a small room mountain as a Wrigley refused to unload.。”
“cough,All right,Aged past event,Who did not make mistakes?”Tang Shenmu:“Mystery,Do you do this, I really let me re-examine you.。”
“Amitabha,I will wait today to celebrate the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.,Don’t biased topics,But here must celebrate the Tang Dynasty。”Laughing in the sky, a Buddha:“Congratulations to Tang Jia!”
“congratulations。”Mysterienism,The God of Wealth is laughing and laughing.。
“Ha ha……Say,Say。”Tang Shenmo haha smiled:“His day, Ji Ji, must you drink a few cups.。”
Just when the Tang Mon’s words were just falling.,A clear voice came from the distance:“Lin Feng, President of Qinglong Chamber of Commerce, with six elders,Welcome the arrival of distinguished guests。”
NS512chapter Not ordinary people can play
Tang Shen,God of Wealth,Mysterienism,The four big giants of the Japanese land are looking at the distance.,I saw a seven movements in the distance.,One person headed is obscure。
Lin Feng face is full of smiles,He followed the six elders behind him,The six elder hands pulled a huge red carpet.。
This is an ancient etiquette,High-standard etiquette,Impressive guests,Generally, the owner is pulling a red carpet, and the guest will meet the guests.。
Lin Feng people want to think,Decided to welcome four major bronze forces with such specifications etiquette,After all, this time coming is heavyweight.。
Whether it is a Tang Shenmian or Zhang Xuanji,Mysterienism,The masters of the Japanese land are all major golden forces.,Weighing,Even,Central Culture Pillar of Tang Dynasty,I have to be eclipsed in front of them.。
“Ha ha,Hero out teenager。”Tang Shen Dynasty walked to Lin Feng,His figure is going to go first.,Originally dim, the little scorpion showed a stars,It seems that you can inspect everything。
“Amitabha,Lin Feng, the president, is really a thrilling person.。”Mysterienism also high-spirited a Buddha。
“Amitabha,Show,Purple star,Inventor。”The National Master also hangs a Buddha smiles.,This is a fat ear,Jin Guang shines,Really nousong is like a Maitreya Buddha。
“Ha ha,Juvenile hero,Jiangshan has someone else,My blessings of China。”The God of Wealth also smiled and came to Lin Feng’s face.,He carefully stared at Lin Feng in his eyes.,It seems to observe Lin Feng in fine。