“I said Lao Gu,As for,Not just a bottle of wine!”

“Too much,This is a century-old puree,I personally got it back from Maotai Town a hundred years ago,At that time, the Chishui River was not polluted at all,The brewed wine is mellow,Is it comparable to now,Is one bottle less than one bottle!”
Chen Xiu pouted and said:“I know it’s good wine,You can’t collect more than a hundred years ago!”
“Collect more,Can’t stop a cow drink like you!”
“Good wine!”
At this time the alcohol in my belly surged,I just feel that the whole person is a lot easier,It seems to take away a little sadness,Chen Xiu was puzzled and said:“Sure enough, the wine that has been infiltrated over the years has this taste。
but,Old Gu,I am curious,You cultivators have lived so long,Is this interesting?”
“What you cultivators,Say it as if you are not the same!”
“I’m not just getting started,It’s just a primary school student in the cultivation world,Still not a true cultivator。”
Gu Rimou rolled his eyes,I can’t help but sigh。
“Special,It’s all the second-rate peak cultivation base, just the beginning,Where to put the faces of our old guys! In the world, it’s already a second-rate subversive cultivation base just after training for less than two years,This kid is the first person。
I entered the product a hundred years later,Really more popular than others!”
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