Zhou Ye I nodded,One hand pinned the bell shape of the stethoscope in the white big pocket,“director,I have finished waiting for the return value to you.。”

Chen Riyuan suddenly felt that this little doctor was very polite.。
He waved,It is quite meaningful:“Don’t give me any more,These are those medicinal delivery,You have no use for me.。”
Zhou Ye has changed this time,Pharmaceutical matter,He probably knows a lot。
Pharmaceutical,As the name suggests is the representative of pharmaceutical companies,To put it bluntly, it is a doctor who sells some pharmaceutical companies to the clinical practice.。
In order to close the relationship between doctors,They often send something to doctors。
for drink……
There is even……
“What are you thinking about??”Chen Riyuan greeted Zhou Ye went to the patient,To start the diagnosis of the person’s fever patient。
“director,exist17bed。”Zhou Ye opened the tablet,Look at the bed number。
To be honest, he doesn’t know what the patient is.,Just watching your eyes,4moon21,It is today’s day,And only in the new patient17The diagnosis of the number is written“Fever to check”,So guess17The bed is the fever patient who is charged by Director Chen.。
Two people17Bed walk。
NS3chapter Li Sifeng’s medical history
17Bed at the end of the corridor。
Zhou Ye went to the depths of the corridor after the director。
This long-lost feeling makes him some inexplicable excitement,I even say it is proud.?
He likes this kind of doctor.,I don’t dare to say the beautiful ideal of the world.,But he really likes to watch the patients recover from the pain to health.。
He is just a doctor doctor.,This shame is general reminder that will always haunt his heart.。
Distance to the ward,And it is an identity of a doctor,I have passed for nearly two or three months。
Idle holiday after the internship period,Let him have to forget your identity.。
“Xiao Wu,You first conduct a consultation and inside,I look at your consultation and inside.。”Chen Riyuan is in front of the door to the ward,Little is a lot of people。
He originally thought that he just followed his eyes behind this director.,It’s good to record the patient’s situation.。
I didn’t expect one to come up.,It’s just that I personally get it.。
How can I omit the demonstration process??
Hard scalp。
After internship hospital comes out,Zhou Ye is almost invested in the steps of consultation。He went to17Before the bed,Chen Director has already standed on one side at this time.。
“How did you feel uncomfortable this time?。”Zhou Ye17Patient in the bed asked,He looks at the god of his eyes.17Male patient in bed。
But let Zhaowen are some unexpectedly,This patient is ready to prepare.,The face is a inexplicable calm,Nothing from any patients he experienced。
And that kind of calm is like he knows that the director will come to the ward,But Wan Ye suddenly thinks how he will think about such an inexplicable thing.……He is a patient who has seen by Director Chen,Nature is understanding,Maybe I have already told this point to see him.。