Wried to the sky,Several jumping came to the side of this car,The door was opened to Heaven,Dranky to Tiannan,Because it is not sitting in the car, not the Niterni Gate,But a middle-aged woman。

Staring to Tiannan at the license plate of this Mercedes,Suddenly I found this license plate problem。
There is a sleeve tummer on the license plate.,The gun tip is nailed with a license plate.,The staple license plate is the license plate of the Mercedes-Benz opened by the Niger.。
And these two Mercedes-Benz are the same。
“be cheated!”A cold in the heart of Heaven。
He turned and went to his car,But just stepped out a few steps,The blank sound of a road,Then passed the sound of the car tire blasting。
His car tire is blown directly。
A black Mercedes-Benz passes from the roadside,Lightning is far away,Focus on the sound of the Niger door:“One you,I don’t do it.,But if you die, you will be chased,Don’t blame me to kill!”
Say to the south,Mage fly to go,The gun in the hand is constantly shooting against the Mercedes-Benz car of the Shernik.。
But this Mercedes has continuously transmitted the sound of gunshots.,Directly intercept the bullets in Heaven,The car quickly disappeared at the end of the highway.。
Iron younger blue sky,Panic out,Make people drive over。
“Hey,this……Big brother,can I go now?”Car owner trembled by the tires in Heaven,She originally wants to find the theory of Tiannan,But see this person is like a secretary of the municipal party committee,I didn’t have this courage.。
“Can go!”Hes and south:“Changing every day to Lingnan City Police Bureau to reimburse the tire cost!”
“it is good!”This owner leaves,Ready to play back,Then find someone to trailers。
Looking into the dark night sky towards the sky,狠 的,He panicked to call the night.,Let night lonely and Cheng Tianlong intercepted,Then he sat at the edge of the highway waiting。
East China,Fairy。
More than an hour of time,Already taken to forty-six auction,antique,Precious medicine,airplane,yacht,Villa, etc.,Very intense competition,But there are very few big list of big orders.。
Lin Feng has bikes some rare medicinal materials.。
These medicinal materials are not very intense,But I am very important to Lin Feng,Because these medicinal materials are refining seven-handed dragon Dan and some auxiliary medicinal materials that are equipped with colorful quenching fluids。
Thirty-third box,Lin Feng is not happy.。
His heart is getting more flustered,I don’t know why。
“Lin Feng,what happened?”Night clear and cold。
“fine,Fei Fairy Can not go out?”Lin Feng doubts。
“Can,To apply。”Night cold contemplation。
“How long does it take??”Lin Feng frowned。
“About three minutes。”Night cold explanation:“Lin Feng,do not worry,fine。”
“Lin Feng,The forty-sixth game is over.,Here is the cold dragon grass,Seven Stars and Eight Stars Chemical Dan and other auctions。”Bechang’s voice。
“it is good,After the end of the auction,I am going out.。”Lin Feng deeply breathed a breath,He is a big step to come out next to the window.,Looking through the entire auction。
The sound of Zhanghua Jihua sounded on the auction field.:“Allocate,The forty-six auction ends,Below is the auction of the ice dragon grass!”
“Simple,Go directly,Laozi bid10Billion dollars!”There is an incomparably sound in the first box.:“Who do I dare to compete with me?!”
“10Billion dollars?10Billion dollars will come to the eye,20Billion dollars!”There is also a sound in the second box.。
“Ha ha,Allocate,US30Billion dollars!”There are also sounds in the third box.。
Sound from the three big boxs sensation throughout the audience。
“I rubbed,These three boxes have not spoken from the bid.,I finally have a message now.。”
“Yes,Their purpose is clear,Ice dragon grass,This is the cold ice dragon grass,100Tons of ice dragon grass,This is a rare medicine!”
“This kind of medicinal material is produced from the Arctic,Distant Arctic,Number of picked out each year。”
“100Tonne,It’s a massive medicine.,Rumoring this thing is more expensive than gold!”
“100Don’t you have to reach a ton of medicinal?50Yimei??Do not,At least on this。”
“50Billion dollars?Hey-hey,not necessarily,You look at these big forces, snapped up this thing.,It seems that it doesn’t care about these money。This thing makes a very common thing waste,Real things are the things of the soul!”