Peach blossom,No need to worry about food and clothing,。
After the day is comfortable,Chen Linzhi is full of new life,Last year, he was still squatting.,Resentful, thinking about how you will encounter this file。
Take a look now,Replace the face to reach the world,Undoubtedly a rare lucky。
Private equity fund business suspension,The task of the employees becomes a help of Chen Linzhi to take assets,I want to do a way in the context of dollar.,Guarantee funds will not be evaporated。
A group of funds up to 10 million US dollars,Transfer from overseas empty shell companies into the stock market,Circular pricing after redeeming yen,Flowing into several companies from Chen Linzhi personally selected,Sony、Xiwu Group and other companies。
Because the yen crazy appreciation attracts a large number of international tour,Nikkei index is rising,Migrate consortium began to transform business,Aiming at overseas,Try to take the opportunity to buy some brands and technologies from European and American countries,From the manufacturing big country to the globalization layout。
The dollar is still falling,The fluctuation fluctuations are not too big.,In this case, Chen Linzhi did not dare to gambling foreign exchange.,Go to choose a more secure investment method,Temporarily buy a group of company stocks with impression,Insior include Nike, Anna Atas,And the Yangtze River industry in Hong Kong Lao Li、Hutchison Huangpu and other companies,In addition, there is a US stock market Berkshire·Hathaway Company。
Chen Linzhi is going to a windmill,In addition to the money for your own expense、Foreign investment,The remaining two thousand millions of dollars will catch these listed companies in the previous year.。
The whole person is lazy, the whole person is lazy.,It is really no interest to go to Silicon Valley.。
In addition to these things,Chen Linzhi has taken a rest in advance this year.。
Monday night。
He rushed to the old seafood restaurant in advance.,Ding Ding Bill·Gates arrived with Chen Linzhi。
Self-introduction to each other,Gates found in vague,Chen Linzhi seems to be enthusiastic and excited,Just when he value this financing Microsoft,I want to make Gates can’t help but feel more about Chen Linzhi.。
Weekend two days,Gates has already invited the financing party to the previously developed financing party.,There is a temporary change decision to take the initiative,I feel that the financing cost is too high,In addition, some people finger hand painting,Did you enter the company?,Speaking of Microsoft’s current shortcomings,To expand the market、Increase profit,It’s entirely a pair of money.。
Compare them,Chen Linzhi is not only bid.,Not willing to interfere with the proposal of the company’s development,It is very difficult to be very difficult in Gatz’s eyes.。
Since you don’t need additional strongest quotation,Gates is not necessary to take anything,Waiting for appetizers on the table,He told Chen Linzhi to say:“The board of directors of the company’s choice of this financing party,There is a big difference,But most of the decision-making power is in my hand.,In fact, you just want to convince me.。I admit,You have an advantage over the financing program given by Goldman Sachs.,I thought you were already a middle-aged person before I came.,I didn’t expect it to be so young.。”
Chen Linzhi shook his head:“Nothing is not a problem,When you drop out of Harvard, you will have a Microsoft.,More than I am still。
Those older investors,Their thinking is early,Like to look at the software industry with the eyes of traditional enterprises,In fact, the two are very different.,Software companies do not need to consider profitability issues,Relying on a good product crazy to expand the market,Grab the market share,Waiting to thoroughly hold the market,Develop user-dependent,I don’t have to worry about how to make profits.。
I first came into contact with Microsoft,I feel that your company can change the world.,Once the personal computer is more practical,More convenient,This market will have a big explosion.,Enter all people’s life。”
NS198chapter Idealist
Chen Linzhi’s statement,Almost everyone knows the future,Experienced the era of science and technology bombings,The Internet is spread in people’s lives。
Can be put in this1985Year of the year,His idea is particularly advanced。
It is rare to get into contact with financial statements,Instead, it emphasizes market share and investors in future importance.,Gates inexplicably has a sense of confidant,He has been in order to balance the profit this year.、Research and development、Market,Have a lot of suffering。
The reason why it decides to go public,Mainly because the R & D promotion is too powerful.,Personal computer industry is still half dead,Ordinary users will not bought such a un practical thing.,Ping at home,Even Gates Mother and Partner,Also advised him to take advantage of the company,Take the time to take a money。
Before the truly success,No one dares to pack the package can be successful。
Gates is not the old rich in Chen Linzhi memory,It is naturally like the world’s richest angle.,Other entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley are almost,They are all huge uncertainty torture,Creating awareness。
So listening to Chen Linzhi,Gatsley got him as an idealist。
Mainly Chen Linzhi dares to be an idea,Just take a big gold and silver,Ignore Microsoft’s current revenue financial data。
Even if Gates is the founder of Microsoft, the Chairman of the Board of Directors、ceo,Still think this kind of practice for the future payment,Not a qualified investor should have。
Chen Linzhi took the initiative to give a high price,It is beneficial to shareholders including Gates.,Gates can only steal music,Pakistan does not encounter some idealist investors。
to be honest,Now Gats you don’t think,Microsoft valuation can reach nearly 100 million US dollars。
Hand taking a cutter,Side, let the waiter’s food。
Gates kids a smile:
“Our industry should really have more investors like you.,Many start-up software companies are lacking practical profits,Investors have failed in short-term profits in front of them.。I am lucky,Before developing a productibOrder,Cooperate with the company,No need to attract personal users,So before it grows to today。
Your point of view is very in line with our line.,Investment software companies are investment in the future,Computer is becoming practical,People can use it to handle documents,Play some small games,I still remember a game street machine called Yadaili.,Earn a large amount of wealth with table tennis games,Personal computers are now able to handle more complex games,Technology is always constant development。”