“I can let you down.?”Lin Fengfeng’s incarnation:“Seven days,Brother started Nirvana,Seven days later directly Nirvana,Impact to the hierarchy of Jiuzhong。”

Tell this,Golden big snake,Tiger King,The evil tocade can’t help but a sentence,This is too big.。
“The Sakyamino is also seven days and seven nights.。”Tiger:“You are also seven days and seven nights?”
“Sakyami,I can。”Lin Feng Phoenix Inspected Protest Road:“What’s more, I have a gasification three clear?,I practice a day,Equivalent to someone practitioners for three days,For more than six years, I have traveled in the seven continents.。”
He has not hidden,After all, it is your own brother.。
His detailed explanation of the experiences of these years,Feeling,Experience,After listening to these, the Tiger King,Golden big snake,The evil turtle is silent。
“You almost give your own disabled,You are not afraid that those people will kill back?Suddenly?”Evil turtle。
“You are too risky.,I want to do so many questions.?An obsession。”Tiger。
“But I think his realm should be the deepest.。”Golden big puppet is directly:“This has touched the realm of the ultra-horizon.。”
“Ultra-horizon?”Lin Feng heard the words。
“good,The so-called ultra-horizon is a realm。”Golden Big Pyra:“You observe this world as a bystander.,This is a super offset,Only the essence of this realm can be super away from this world.,Reach another height。”
“But adventure。”The evil turtle spit several words again。
“I didn’t expect these。”Lin Feng Phoenix Introspection Road。
“No matter how,You have succeeded。”Golden Big Pyra:“Poor us still in this realm,Even the eligibility of the cannon ash is not qualified.。”
Tiger King,The evil turtle two guys heard a depressed。
Lin Feng’s success,Basically, it is expected that other heirs have been successful.,Or they return to Lin Feng earlier。
Nirvana rebirth,Take nine days。
Means more than ten times。
The previous 仙 sword array is afraid in front of them.,Four big sacred beast blood is directly killed。
“Do you have a grasp??”Lin Feng heard the words suddenly。
“almost。”Evil turtles spit out a few words:“Our Yuan God has also changed a level in these years.。”
“You can also be born with Nirvana,I have confidence directly impact nine heavy days.。”Tiger King spit a few words。
“Brother also confessed the impact!”Golden big python spit out a few words:“Lin Big,We will not go back.,Give us a safe place,We close it directly.,Now going back is the role of being abused。”
“Ok。”Lin Fengfeng’s avatar smiles:“You are close to the ghost king palace.。”
“it is good!”
Tiger King,Golden big snake,The three guys he nodded。
“How many of them??”Lin Feng watched the Tiger King,Evil turtle,Golden Big Pyra。
“Very nice,There have been seven people to condense there is no sword.,Yuan god also changed a level。”Tiger King spit a few words:“You can take them back.,They are very terrible!”
“it is good,go,In the past!”Lin Fengfeng phoenix is flying to the three flavor.。
NS1145chapter Create new martial arts concept
Three flavor。
27The edge of the stairs stands at a respect of respect,Each body is filled with horrible killing,This kind of killing is very energetic。
It is Dongxing,Big fly,Xu Wenqiang,Hong Hai,Lin proud,Two tigers,Huang Mao seven people,Seven people are from the verge of three-flavored winds in these years,Step by step into this three-flavored deep wind。
Yuanzhen change,Cast without the sword,Finally came to this27The edge of the stairs,Now they are even a strong person who is also a one-class strong。