Four strong people respectfully,Implement that it is gone to the void。

Just after the four strong people disappeared,Two figure,One is weak,Standing there is like a mountainous mountain,Immortal,Twiddle scarlet。
Another shadow carrys horrible suffocation,It’s like the royal pedestrian in the nine.,Face ugly。
“Two people come。”
Not dead, huge hostess,I have gone out of a long figure.,The owner of this shadow is not dead.,Not dead emperor,Terrible breath flows up and down。
“Congratulations,It’s going to involve the field of God.?”Such as the mountains of mountains。
This person is the emperor of the blood sea.。
“Ha ha,sharp,sharp,This time, if you can win the baby from the depths of the treasure,You can touch the field of God.。”Whole‘Negative’Sen’s man also issued‘Negative’Cold laughter。
This man is the emperor of the hell domain.,Named‘Negative’Longevity。
“Ha ha,You both also,Going to that step,Want to touch God,I am afraid I have to worry about countless years.,Dan‘Medicine’It is indeed a shortcut。”Not dead, Junhaha laughing。
“Do you not understand if you??”‘Negative’Elderly:“You are not dead, the Nangming is anneaded.,Moreover, it has been cultivated。”
“Hell‘Negative’This is also the same。”Not dead:“You feel that there is a embarrassment?”
“A bit awkward。”Wu Zozyo supports both hands。
“What is the impression,They should reach a certain agreement with the San Domain,Get a nine flame fire,And I don’t know how to get the godmache,Get a blood of Xuanhuang,Thus hard to repair the body of Xuanhuang。”Not dead:“Each opportunity,Nothing is unfortunate。”
“It should be I think more.。”Wu Ziqi Road。
“You really think more,On this jaw,Their appearance is very advantageous to us on the three domains.。”‘Negative’Changsheng Road:“even so,We also have cheap that we will not occupy the upper quadrush and too young.。”
“Then look at God.,Older generations we can’t take advantage。”Do not die, Jun, Winning frown:“Exquisite,Look at the respective means。”
“Too,let’s go。”‘Negative’Changsheng and Wu Ziqi two have disappeared in the void.。
Daming Empire Blood Moon City Greedy Palace,Lin Feng, who was originally closed, suddenly opened his eyes:“Finally started。”
He stood up and showing the greedy palace,I found Lin Yu,Tolsmut and other people are not。
“Yishan Wang,Lin Yu them?”Lin Feng looked at Yishan Wang Road in the distance。
“City owner,Lin Shao also developed a new weapon,Go out of the test。”Yishan Wang smiled and walked。
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Chapter 144 Discussion
NS1404Zhang Gui discussion
“New weapon?”Lin Feng sorrows:“go,Look out。Please search for everyone()Most!The fastest update”It should be a weapon of a kind of mortal gun。
“Right on my mind。”Yi Mountain Wang Wen Yan nodded,Then, as Lin Feng came out of the greedy palace.。
There are many gods on a high mountain in the Wolf Palace.,Lin Yu,Tolsmu,Krevo,Yamoto,Oriental empty,Tang two,Solitary。
Oriental emptiness at this moment,Tang two,Six people who have soli demon have seen more than previous years.,They have a powerful breath between them.。
They followed Torsemis and others in the depths of greedies.,The practice has been small.,This time, it is mainly used to see the spirit of the gods developed by Lin Yu et al.。
“Xiaoyu starts.。”