Niu Niu put down chopsticks,There is a sorry。

I didn’t expect this dish.,Eat it is quite good,I didn’t live up to a prestigious
If the sell is better,In those restaurants, it can also take it.。
“donor,Here is the temple,Can’t be good!”
It’s hard to come out,Ye Ye Ye is the Lord let several children play themselves.,The time to go down the mountain will become ahead.。
Niu and Yu Hui took this opportunity to find the old monk,Walk all the way。
It’s hard to find,But it was blocked outside。
“Then do you help us give him something?!The one who grows bearded,Probably so long!Eyebrows are also long!”
The old monk is obvious,It’s easy to describe it.。
“The donor said that the Hosts of this temple?”
“I am not sure as well,If you take something out, he will definitely know.!”
Niu Niu put two small packets together,Hand to guard the door of the hospital。
“Master sent something that did not take back,Poor does not dare to be unauthorized,Bad master’s rules!”
“What should I do??”
Niu Niu looked at home four brothers,How is it still still so hard?,
“Then can you call your Master??Pass a sound,Let us go in!We also gave him something,I won’t be tired of you.!”
“It’s really unfortunate,I have something to have to have a good life.,It is not in the hospital at this time.!I don’t know when I can come back.,Amitabha~”
Monk hands together,Apologize,Blocking Niu’s retreat to death,
“I also don’t know where he went.!”
“Nothing,Not even if it is!We have the opportunity to come again!”
Rendezvous,Niu Niu is sorry。
This old monk,God,I can’t even find people.
“People happen?”
“Um,Just left!Master,you”
“Old people have their own intentions,Go out!”
Just blocked the door,Faced respectfully。
Go out, don’t fight,Also depend
“Niu Niu,Where have you been going??I didn’t see people when I walked.!”
Tiger Wahou saw Niu and Yu Hui back,I realized that two people were not。
“Nothing!Big brother?Didn’t you be with you??”
“Yup!Big brother?”
Looking at the tiger, a shocked look,Niu Niu took the head door,I should know that Tihu will not be careful about these things.。
“Big brother seems to have an acquaintance,Go to the mountain together!Let me look at Tigerwa!”
Haoyu is in time。
“Let’s go.,It seems that there is a maple forest!This season is also fast.!Definitely look good!”
“also,Let’s go!”