Julan lives closer to He Jing’s house,So she got out of the car early。When Wang Youcai sent He Jing to the gate of her house,The woman suddenly smiled at Wang Youcai and said:“Go up and sit down,I made a good bottle of wine,Especially useful for you men”

Wang Youcai listened,Can’http://www.tal-intal.cnt help but froze,But he reacted immediately。He laughed and said:“This is my favorite,It’s just too tired after a day’s ride。Keep the wine for me!Chances are”Wang Youcai said,Wicked smile。
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Wang Youcai returned to Doctor Lu’s house,Found him pouring water to wash his feet。
Wang Youcai hurriedly sat down Dr. Lu and said:“You have worked so hard these days,How about you rest for two days?”Wang Youcai said,So he poured Dr. Lu’s footwashing water and took it over。
Doctor Lu soaked his feet in the basin,Then he took a breath and said:“So tiring and happy。Getting older,It must be a good thing to be。If I can’t do anything,Then watch the sun rise and set every day,It’s better to die earlier”
“Hey!What you said is a bit wrong。People are getting old,You should sit and enjoy Qingfu。This is a matter of course”Wang http://www.sun-keninc.cn Youcai said,Moved a chair and sat in front of Doctor Lu。
Doctor Lu glanced at Wang Youcai,Took a long breath and said:“Like me,Do you think you can sit and enjoy Qingfu?Encounter such a barrier,Really…”
“Don’t feel sad。No news is good news,You work hard,Wait for him back,It’s not all his”Wang Youcai is very smart,He figured out Doctor Lu’s thoughts and said。
Doctor Lu is washing his feet,Shook his head and said:“This beast behaves,How many times in and out。But not this time,I don’t know if he is dead or alive。Leave him alone,Tell me about your trip to the provincial capital this time”Dr. Lu said,Changed the subject。
Wang Youcai smiled,So he joined to open a hospital,I told Dr. Lu in detail.。Doctor Lu listened very carefully,Something I don’t understand,He will also ask questions。Wang Youcai knew about it,Said it all。
Until Wang Youcai http://www.jdxycl.cn finished speaking,Doctor Lu is still thinking about it,Carefully analyze the feasibility of this matter。Gradually,The old man’s face slowly smiled。