In fact, she just wants to do something.,Anyway, you can’t live a slave.!

But she doesn’t like this time someone stands out.,Openly sing against her!
“no!not like this!The slave has also eaten the point of mind.,but,But don’t know why,Slavery is fine,It’s going down.,he,he”
Xiao Anzi who is squatting on the ground。
He Tao doctor http://www.zzchenyang.cnwho is complicated with Ji Yizhen,road:“You said that you also eat some snacks.?”
“Where is the dessert??Get old!”
Narrate,Xiao Anzi suddenly looked up,怯 眼 眼 太,Then look at Yunqin。
“Take some of the boxes you have eaten under!”Yun Qin Road。
“Yes,Slave is going!”
Xiao Anzi’s heart,I immediately ran to take some heart.。
Xue Tai’s face is black and black。
Just being sent to Yunqin, the face is full of face.,nowadays,A slave is actually dare to cover her face.!
She is going to see,Waiting for it, there is a problem with the heart,What can I do this?!!
soon,Xiao Anzi will return the snack that Ji Yizhen has come back.,In the plate,There is also a piece of obviously bitten by Ji.,Probably falling on the ground,Some broken broken。
He Tao doctor hurriedly,Start checking pastry。
Several Doctors who kneel on the ground also,Start check。
Finish,The public is too medical to face each other,Doubt。
“A doctor,Can check what it is?”Yun Qin asked。
He Tai doctor replied:“No pastry is no problem,only”
“Just?Don’t swallow!”Xue Taihou。
“Too,Noble,Please accept a careful inspection to Your Association。”
He Tai doctor arched,Turn back,Go to bed,Close up Ji Ji,Sniff the taste of the sisense。
The public is awesome。Yunqin Yungui,瞟 瞟 手 交 手 手 手,It seems to be squeezed。
a long time,He Miao’s tone stood up。
“This is right.!”
“Find the reason?!”Yun Qin asked。
He Tai doctor nodded,road:“This paste is really no poisonous,Sheep taller flower is not poisonous,Put in the pastry,Appropriate amount,Will not generate harm to the human body,Even the role of freshness。” “but,If you put it together with the grass vine,It will produce a poisonous!Your next clothes,There is a taste of grass.!”
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS269chapter Herner‘stupid’27
“The taste of the grass, with breathing into your body,Then you eat the pastries containing lambedia,Two meet,It is a poisonous!”
He Tai doctor,Yunqin is not accidentally,Ji Yu,Both drugs caused by drugs,It is very obvious,High medical skill,Can check out,but,Ji Yu,More than these two drugs!