It’s quite contradictory, this little guy is quite contradictory.

Zhou Shou feels that she is very skin,Extremely annoying,Sometimes I think she is like a little angel.,Collection of beautiful world。
She should be an angel tonight
Busy for a day,Night catching insects,It shouldn’t be energy parkour at night.?
About half an hour。
The group seems to be a bit tired.,She went back,Go around,Guess,I’m easy to jump on the thigh.。
“Depth,The group is a little sleepy”
“What is sleepy?,Then arrested!Catch your bright worm!”槐 is on the edge,“See you caught for a long time,I only caught one or two.?”
The group turned to the eye sequence,Also see,Medair:“槐 序 序!”
“He is like this。”
“See me to send him。”
“wishful thinking!”序 大马 金刀 太 太 太椅,Also lifted the Erlang legs,A pair of expressions look at the vicinity。
“Hey he refused to go.!”
The group looks at the vicinity。
immediately,Zhou Yuling, 20 yuan, in front of the sequence:“Go to the mountain to buy a few old popsicles come back to eat.,Let’s one person,Solve the heat。”
The old monster’s face is a bit ugly.。
Zhouzhi looked up and looked at the table,go on:“Be no lonasity.,The small selling department of the mountain is estimated that there are not many people who are still open.,If you don’t go,More than half of the supermarkets and convenience stores in the county are also closed.。”
槐 序 钱 钱 手,Loudly:“I will come back up to a few minutes.!”
Zhouzhi shrugged。
After a few minutes。
They took someone to hold the root old ice rose,Topful,Under fireflies,Continue to small voice。Tired all day,I feel quiet when I take a break at night.,World peace and gentleness,Time is swinging between Puquan、I quietly slipped in one word.。
Chapter 341 Fought
Thanks to the requirements of the star back and the season,The speed of the house is faster than what they expected.,Although in fact, just set up a empty shelf.。
Carry out,Like a header head, you will lose these results.,Zhou Zhi is still quite a sense of accomplishment。
At the same time during this time,They and stars、The relationship between the monsoon has also become a lot.,Can already be called a friend。Especially they are most often waiting together,It’s already very harmonious now.,Like more old neighbors。
This makes Zhou feel that there is no white to eat.。
Nan brother fork, standing next to him,Absorbent,Half a half days,She said she said:“This is the first house built in Laozi.。”
“Nothing now,I don’t know what they will eventually pick it out.。”
“It should be very good。”
Zhouzhi pointed to the air left in front of the house:“They will be full of flowers here,This side is full of food and fruit trees。Will take a shelf here,Packed vines,Waiting for many years,The roots of these vines are tightly entangled,Also layer is overlapping together,Rain,One to spring,Will open the petunia。”
“How do you know?”
“I listen to them discussed.。”