I didn’t expect Gao Yu, I have remembered this.。Gao Biyi is also this thing that knows last night.,I didn’t expect this death and fat man around him.。

“The princess of the Bohai Great is looking for a lot of money to build.,Otherwise, you think that the land of the West City is really worthless.?”
邺西城 is a high ocean long-term plan,Become Yucheng has become a“International most expensive。When the Gao Bo Yi gave him a situation in Chang’an City, the Tang Dynasty in the Tang Dynasty.,Gao Yang http://www.iyinrui.cn moves my mind。
This Fan Building is built in the best location of the West City,Even the slaughter,It’s hard to think about it.。
Ugh,as predicted,There is money and,Even if it is a head, you will not lose money.。Gao Bo Yi is an era of characteristicxxColoring has a deep understanding。
“correct,Today, I have to repair three.,Do you have any way to persuade this idea??”
Yang Wei suddenly turned,Asked。
The way is naturally,However, this is not the agreement with the suite.。So Gao Biyi is impossible to persuade the Gao Ocean,Otherwise it will be hacked。
“According to the estimation,I want to repair three, I don’t want to enjoy the music.,Proclaiming his martial arts,At this time, speech stopped,I am afraid that it is not beautiful.。”
Gao Baoyi refused Yang Wei’s proposal。
“How old is the old man?,Ugh!”
http://www.fangxiandani.cn “Yang Gong is, don’t want to add?Under the eye,At this point,I am afraid that I have to force countless civilian family.,I don’t want to accept how much people and fats,Difficult!”
Gao Baoyi shot。
Yang Wei has not opened,Gao Biyi directly blocks his head。
“Gao Erlang has always been known for the world.,The Bohai Gong, who looked higher than the top, was played between the shady,You don’t have a way you don’t?The old man doesn’t think so.。”
“Raising money,No non-open source throttle。I can’t do it now.,Throne,There is a little way in the down.!”
Gao Bo Yi reached out,指 指。
Yang Yuyi,He just asked casually,I didn’t expect the other party.?
“What should I do??The strategies of those people in the disaster are not necessarily,If those can be used,Why do the old man ask you??”
“Yang Gong is coming over。Want to thrift,It is necessary to”
Gao Biyi is half a half,This is active in the East Wei North Qi politicism for decades of heavyweight,Grown up,Unbelievable look at Gao Bo Yi。
The impact of the other party gives him is too big.,It is difficult to accept!
but,It seems that there is so much way。
“Nowadays, all grow up,Daily money to circulate money on the market needs the car。This policy is completely feasible,Just look at what is thinking。”
I heard this,Yang Wei nodded,Gao Bao is also a truth。Nowadays, the borrowing business is extremely prosperous.,Because the Gao Ye has opened Qianzhuang,Low the overall borrowing interest,Just the amount too,Don’t exceed the consistent money。
So the folk borrowing interest in the 邺 邺, although the money is higher than the high ocean,But it is also much lower than the country.。
Gao Boyi method,Soil and rationality。But with the tradition of violations,I don’t know if I have implemented it is a blessing.。
“Your person,Why do the flower intestines will be more?”
Yang Wei helpless sigh,Aunt, remember the proposal of Gao Baoyi。Just went to Yangfu Gate.,Yang Wei jumped under the car,I haven’t gone even if I even gone.。
“Fish praise,Don’t you want to be an official??There is a good position that is suitable for you soon.,Go back with Cui Wei discouraged,Let her assist you on the side。Things must do good。”
Gao Baoyi’s fishing fish。
“The Lord is very good to the main bus.!”
The truth of the short water building first,How can fish praise?!When a crate, there is a horse behind the horse with Gao Baoyi saddle.。
“What is the start of driving??You are not going to be a head??This opportunity isn’t there??For those who give me a strong moment,I will not gave him the benefits.。”
“Bamboo,Take a good job!”
Do you want to drive?,Fish praise is to give Gao Bao Yi。He has always been very“effort”,But you must not,Either it is unlucky,The child who is born is also never.。
Watch now,This must be bitterly!