The man finally was forced to stronger the most powerful——Thunder!

The blue long sword seems to be annihilated,The sky is full of empty,璀璨 气 气 天地,Crossing him。 This moment of man,It’s an invincible。
One of the long swords in hand,Open a big way,Invincible,The world of this area is overwhelmed by Blu.。
A horrible big crack appears above the earth,Top to the foot,It seems to go through the sky,It’s unstoppable。
Summer appears a wound in black and horrible wounds。
NS4072chapter Unshum
NS4072chapter Unshum
Man has‘Annihilate’Unit,It’s hard to get close to the attack。
Let him first stay。
At this moment‘Thunder’This is no such thing as missionary,The attack is mad,Summer situation is worrying。
Far away from half-empty Wannian disciples and guards,All are nervous。
They have a feeling,It seems that it will be able to divide the victory.。
In this interval,Summer deep thinking,Decided to sacrifice no pole map。
A pair of mystery,Since the top of the summer head,Shrouded him,Transportation is overwhelming。
But except for thundering,There is also a sword to constantly cross the sky.。
Unpredictable,Constantly become bigger,Rotate,Vulnerability is sturdy in the sky。
Man is invincible,One-step hundred feet,Instant to the past,Hand in hand sweeping,The earth is crashing below,Destroyed breath, people souls are trembled。
Summer also drink a word,Single hand to shoot forward,Outbreak out a frenzy breath。
A huge hand exploded from the picture,Action with summer synchronization。
It’s really like a piece of Tianyu.,Endless thunder is detached,It is even more horrible sword.,Inverse energy reverse pressing。
“I have an annihilate,You can’t help me.。”
Men’s long hair,子 中 战 战 升,Giant sword。
Men’s face,Fly, go out, hundreds of feet,at the same time,Summer is also shocked out of thousands of meters。
Men’s eyes emerge,And behind the foot,Caused a Changhong Chong,The blue long sword in hand is more conservancy.。
Summer single arms,Five fingers,Fist crystal clear,Another one,I will take a picture of a palm。
A thick breath is filled,Like this world, I am already in hand.,璀璨 光 煞,Pressure to the sky。