On both sides of the hall,Dozens of women’s repairs,神。

Qing scales two steps,Gong,“报 圣,Guards summer saints please。”
“Um,come in。”
After the bead curtain, a sound quality is beautiful and no majestic sound.。
Sound falls in summer ear,It is he also inevitable.。
Left fish!“Yes!”
Blue scale,Immediately,The two entered the main hall one after another。
Women’s repair on both sides brush,The eyes are curious and cheap。
“Have seen the sanctuary。”
Summer boxing,Not humble。
The bead curtain came from the sound,Also,“I have a real understanding recently.,Today’s evolution of http://www.tuolianwang.cn the sky is huge,Unrel, etc.,Let’s take it.。”
A women’s repairs are stunned,Quo Qi Zong。
“Yes,Holy woman。”
They did not feel too surprised,I have also had a precedent。
Southern Virgin Tiandi Avenue,Active to look at their strength,Will only be unfavorable to practice。
So,All person fish agreed,Temple door close。
Big hall,Leave only one person。
He is standing on the ground,Looking up and look forward to the bead curtain,Laugh,“Alone,Holy girl is not innocent。”
A squirrel。
一 美 的 帘,Splendid。
White Sax,Long happiness such as waterfall,Ruoyan,Empty clear,Left little fish is like a cloud in the clouds, the clouds on the mountains.,Mouth slightly,Smile。
Like a light wind,Have not seen many years,The girl dust is still so amazing.,It’s still so different。
Two people look。
Don’t say more。
No joking,No words,That’s unrealistic。
What did the left fish did not express?,Summer is also a strong pursuit of the avenue。
They did not commit to each other。
At this time,Only the old friend is backward。
Original,The two of the times were not met,There is a lot of words now to say now.,But I don’t want to break this quiet and http://www.com-htm.cn peaceful.。
Summer is coming all the way,Overnight,Bloody sea,In the end, it will be reunited here.,Let him unload a burden。
Body and mind easily。
At least the commitment of the year,Will come to find her。