“Um?How can there be a third person??”There is a spirit of floating in the quantum,Find all this and your own plan is not right。

But he has no power to stop the third person.,I can only pin http://www.discussky.cn hopes in Bronia.,I hope she can prevent the snake from returning to the real world.。
“Hi Jier,Fortunately, you are fine.!”
Bronia hugged Hi Jian,Just now, although it seems to be calm,But Hi Jian didn’t see Baronia soon.。
“It’s fine,sister,I am fine.,You look at that one。”Hi Lier has a red light flashing,Refers to a platform in the distance。
far away,A gemstone that releases huge power is exudes rays。
“that……Valter’s core?”Bronia shocked:“I didn’t expect to appear in this way.。”
Walter in order to block“snake”Invasion,Sacrifice oneself,And put your gemstones in the place where the maze disappears,It looks like it is specially to block the next“snake”Be prepared。
“Bother!”Han Jiang cleaned up the mood of Tumble,Station up from the stone,Two people recruit,“Bronia,You jump into the eyes of the sea, you are very handsome.。”
“Han Jiang,How will you be here?”Bronia has experienced three worlds.,I didn’t expect to see Hanjiang who just left the maze.。
Han Jiang took the fear of butt and came over,“Isn’t this worried that you?,Fortunately, I am,Otherwise, Bronia also has to come in.。”
“Let you worry。”Bronia is arguing。
“correct!”Bronia looked up at Hanjiang,“That is the core of the law of Valter,I have to get him,Block snakes from entering the real world。”
“How will you be here!”Hi Lier looked at Hanjiang。
“Just see it?,I will forget so soon.?”
“You two……”Baronia knows Hi Lier and Hanjiang,This tone……
Xier began to bite his teeth,Although Han Jiang said to help himself return to the real world,But the ability of that person,Should Han Jiang kill in those world bubbles.!
why……Live out。
“The core of the law,I have to get!”Xier suddenly said。
“wrong!”Bronia looked two steps,I found that Zimer’s inconsistent,“You are not Shier,Where is my Hi??”
Han Hanjiang walked into Baronia:“He is Hij,Is another Hirs。”
“Whee!”Hi Jier puts the kicknam,After turning a circle, put it behind,“Be right,I am Hi.,I am with the same person.。”
http://www.iyuhuashi.cn “the same person?”
Bronia surprised Han River, why is it familiar with Hi?,He knew what he was,Why don’t you know yourself?。
“so what,sister,The core of the law,I have to get,In this way, you can return to the real world with your sister.,Always live together。”
“no,I can’t give it to you.,I want to organize the snake to leave here.!”
“Hey Hey hey,You two don’t have noisy.,I want that core,Not as good as giving me how?”
The atmosphere at the scene is a bit serious.,Han JiangtSuddenly want to say a playful words。
Chapter 4688 let me help you
Quarrel stop instantly,The two people have been associated with Hanjiang.。