Shanhe Jinxiu Guotai

  This newspaper Beijing January 1st (Reporter Wang Mingfeng, Zhao Yongxin, Qi Qinqi) The New Year’s Day holiday, and colorful activities kicked off all over the world.

The masses are enthusiastic to participate in the laughter. Many scenic spots in Sichuan Province have launched a colorful new year event such as snow and music. On January 1st, the first ski resort in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province was welcoming. The ice and snow season of the Wahan Mountain Scenic Spot in Hongya County, Meishan City has also opened a few days ago. The event will last until the end of March, the ice and snow cycle is longer, and there is sufficient time for tourists to experience. At 10 o’clock in the morning of January 1, the first "Zero" concert and 2021 new year prayer activities were officially launched in Dago Glacier Scenic Area.

Under the snow mountain, Guzheng, Erhu, Flute, Big Drum, Yangqin, Pharaoh, Guqin and other instruments play classic music, showing Chinese instrumental glamor, built an elegant, romantic glacial music theme concert. There is also a wealth of experience activities, including ice bowling, retro skis, ice and snow archery, etc. The "2021 Science New Year’s Eve" hosted by Beijing Science Association broadcast in Beijing Radio and Television Science and Education Channel, more than 6 million people visited TV and online, and social media topics have more than 30 million. "2021 Science New Year’s Eve" with the theme of "Singing Science and Technology Progress New Era, Outlook Innovation and Development New Future", with "Interpretation of Scientific Spirit" as the main line, with "current scientific hotspot" as the topic, invites 11 scientists to relay speeches , Vividly tells the development and prospects of quantum technology, the road of independent research and development of my country’s chip, and the application of nano-energy, etc., the audience is widely praised.

  On the last day of 2020, in the opening ceremony of the 4th Ice and Snow Tourist Season of Ulan, Inner Mongolia, people strateched the Ma Gao Ge, singing and dancing, igniting the bonfire, enjoying food.

On the day of the opening ceremony, the 3rd China Ulanhaot Winter Swimming Invitational Tournament was held. 82 players participating in this competition, players jumped into the cold water, no fear of cold, and strive to fight. In addition to the winter swimming competition, the organizers also prepared ice-shaped dragon boats, ice bicycles, snow motorcycles, snow tug-of-ice competitions, snow football competitions, with laughter and applause to welcome 2021.