South African political jaws praised the Chinese Communist Party’s Governance Achievements

Johannesburg June 22 (Reporter Jingjing) South African political circles, the school representative on the 21st in the Chinese Embassy in South Africa and the "Centennial Party Wheel, Huayao, Working, Working in the Future" The high-end dialogue will praise the great achievements in the Communist Party of China. The South African African National Conference (Non-Chi Da) Taxi Paul Ma Shandilai said that the Chinese Communist Party as a progressive party, not only makes it a good fortune for China, but also has a revelation.

The Communist Party of China leads the Chinese people to support the struggle of the South African national liberation, and the people of the two countries have long been deeply friendly. Non-China attaches great importance to the party’s relationship with the Communist Party of China, appreciate China’s poverty alleviation and anti-corruption achievements. It is willing to learn from the Chinese Communist Party to achieve economic high-speed development and long-term stability of the Communist Party of China. The former South African Vice President Carlema ??Motland said that the main secret of the Chinese Communist Party to achieve economic development and the extraordinary achievement of the national governance is the unity of ideology and organization.

The Communist Party of China has far-sighted, adhered to truth from facts, and forms road systems and policy policies that are conducive to national development by developing planning in various field development plan.

The Communist Party has an advanced leading cadre selection and appointment system to ensure that the national struggle is maintained for a long time. The First Deputy Chief Secretary of the Communist Party of South Africa pointed out that the great achievements of the Chinese Communist Party leading the Chinese people in economic development and elimination of poverty have admired. The current development of the world is still facing Nort-South imbalance, and the United States is in full line of unilateralism.

Non-China, South China Relations should become a model of international relations, and countries should work together to build a peaceful, safe and balanced world under the guidance of the people. David Massong, President of the Non-China Party School, David Massong, Vice President of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Africa, Executive Director, Susklar, Independent Media Group, Non-Middle Research Meng Da, director of the Center, and other guests also praised the brilliant achievements of the Chinese Communist Party of the Communist Party of China. The secret of the success of the Communist Party of China and the enlightenment of the Chinese Communist Party’s governing for South Africa and Africa believe that the Chinese Communist Party will develop results benefit and reduce the people, reduce The poor removal show is a strong leadership of the Communist Party of China. Chen Xiaodong, China Ambassador to South African, said that under the new situation, the Chinese Communist Party is willing to cooperate with non-national, South Africa and the country and the people of the world, to carry out mutual learning, deepen the party’s construction and governing the country, and expand the party. Inter-communication, docking with each other’s development strategy, supporting each other, promoting mutual trust; strengthening the economic recovery of immunity and epidemic, and fighting the epidemic in the early days, the benefit of the two countries; co-construction lasting peace, general safety, common prosperity, open tolerance Clean the beautiful world to create a better future.

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