Tibet Sangshi County Public Security Bureau launches network security promotional activities

  The picture shows the Sanshi County Public Security Bureau to carry out network security into the campus event site. Our reporter Zhang Yu photo from October 11th to 17th, 2021 is a national network security propaganda week. At 10 am on October 12, the Sangshi County Public Security Bureau United Municipal Public Security Bureau Netan Brigade launched a network security promotion week activity. It is understood that activities are theme "network security as people, network security relying on the people", aimed at popularizing network security knowledge to school teachers and students, guiding the masses to enhance the awareness of the rule of law, to do the law according to law, to go online according to law, and jointly create a healthy civilization Web environment.

In the event, all police stations in Sangti County were jointly dispatched, and network security promotion activities were carried out in the campus, communities, enterprises, etc. in their respective jurisdictions.

The event was issued more than 2,000 publicity materials, and accepted more than 30 people in consultation, so that the masses had a further understanding of network security, profoundly recognizing the importance of cyber security, effectively improving the awareness of network security prevention of the masses.

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