[Nesterday] French Chinese this epidemic prevention student tells how to pass the new crown

After 80, Chinese girls Wei Wei once worked in the domestic advertising company, she and French husband met in Beijing, married, and gave birth to two beautiful mixed-blooded female babies, 8 years old, old two 6 years old.

In the first two years, she moved back to Paris from Beijing, and started the life of the full-time housewife. Wei Wei is cheerful, love freedom, is adapted to live in France. After entering the whole people in March 17, she also bikes with her husband to buy a child. As a result, I was patrol the police as soon as I went out of one hundred meters, I asked them to change.

Wei Wei felt that after the implementation of national isolation, the french habits did have changed a lot, but 98% of the French people still don’t get used to wearing masks, some people are going to the supermarket to wear, this kind of nature, Weiwei is both understanding also helpless. After the whole people began to isolate, the two daughters of Wei Wei also began to study distance. The Distance Education Center of the French Ministry of Education has set up accounts for all public elementary schools and secondary students, and children can learn and take the exam at home. However, the server of the remote education website quickly collapsed. Wei Wei thought that "put the cattle to graze", did not expect the boss of the boss to be very responsible, using private mailboxes to make a homework, and ask parents to respond to learning progress in time .

The teacher arranged a lot of homework, from spelling to paper-cutting and coloring games, or from counting to the words of the word, the parents are all accompanied by a lot of time.

To this end, Wei Wei and her husband did the following divisions: don’t have to do a home, do not have a child, don’t have to take a child.

I didn’t expect that Wei Wei only did a meal, and the "peeking" opportunities for other housework were grabbed by the French husband … according to the French government stipulated, there was an hour of exercise every day during isolation. Once, Wei Wei and husband and children went out to bend, and several policemen checked passers-by.

Because the Vivi’s couple took two children, a policeman insisted on 135 Euro, the reason was that the temporary license did not carry the terms of the child out. Fortunately, Weiwei’s husband works in the French government, so familiar with the policy, so I immediately move out the terms of the government website, indicating that the family can take the child out, only by the police, free of "huge" fine. The most interesting thing is that Wei Wei is walking with the family. When I walked an old gentleman, Wei Wei had called him to say hello, and he didn’t expect the old man to catch up with them. Distance, inform him, tell him a violinist, now because there is no work, Weiwei is the only one is willing to say to him and smile, this old gentleman hopes to be able to pass the phone. Give them a full-time violin play! And it is free! Wei Wei listened to the sigh, the French is really lonely! However, after returning home, the whole family is really talking to this elderly, and enjoy a very beautiful remote violin performance.

After 50, the new crown of French overseas Chinese old forest.