Xi Jinping’s trip to Myanmar: pragmatic cooperation, defending innovation, exploring Asia cooperation and winning new model

People’s Network Beijing January 19th (Reporter Li Bingper) January 17th to 18th, President Xi Jinping conducted state affairs to Myanmar. This is the first time in Xi Jinping, the first time in this year, and China’s president is also visiting Myanmar after 19 years, but also in the 70th anniversary of China ‘s establishment.

What highlights have this visit? How to continue China-Myanmar’s "Cell Wave Friendship"? The People’s Daily Network Strong National Forum invited Chen Fengying, a researcher in China’s Modern International Relations Institute to interpret. To the five principles of peaceful coexistence, the New Connotation Strong National Forum: President Xi Jinping selection Myanmar in 2020, where is it deep? Chen Fengying: The 70th anniversary of China-Myanmar is very important for the two countries. In 2020, China will fully build a well-off society, realize the first hundred years of struggle; according to the statistics of the International Monetary Fund, Myanmar economy has achieved steady growth in the past 20 years, and Myanmar has also entered a new stage.

Asian countries today face how to sustainable development, how to win can all win. The pragmatic cooperation between China’s Mymar is obvious, and many projects have promoted landing, and the economic and trade exchanges between the two countries have played a positive role in driving local consumption and employment. In the third ten years in the 21st century, there is an important economic significance.

China and Myanmar adhere to the equality of the size, good-neighborly and friendly spirit, and the political significance.

Whether it is from the perspective between the big country and the country, the point of view of the neighboring countries, or the same as the Asian region, there is no good political environment, the country is difficult to develop, and the political mutual trust between China has created it. The foundation of development.

In the 1950s, China jointly advocated the five principles of peaceful coexistence with India, Myanmar and other countries, and in the context of the current process of globalization, how to make the five principles of peace in the new era in the new era in the new era. very important. For the Sustainable Development of Asia, the Sports Forum: Economic cooperation in China and Myanmar will play in the "all road" high quality sustainable development? Chen Fengying: The most important key to the high quality development of "One Belt" is to put the accuracy, consolidate the foundation, and must be in line with the development of local people’s livelihood and economic construction. The China-Burma Economic Corridor is the project opening, such as hydropower, oil and gas, and road, port construction, etc. For example, in the cooperation of the NPP project, it has created a lot of employment opportunities to Myanmar, and the construction has improved the surrounding facilities, promoting the development of the pipelines along the line, and also provides energy in Southwest China.

In May 2017, I signed a memorandum of understanding, the Memorandum of Understanding of the Economic Cooperation Zone, and the Water Conservancy Project of the China-Myanmar Border Economic Cooperation and the Water Conservancy Project of the Ministry of the Mekong River became a platform for the construction of "One Belt". Myanmar has established a leadership committee for the implementation of the "One Belt", which is personally responsible from Angshan, and also reflects the attention and support of the Burmese to "all the way".

Sports Forum: President Xi Jinping agreed with Wenyin President to consider the starting point to jointly build the community of China-Myanmar.

How to explain this? Chen Fengying: Building a Community of China and Myanmar is a very good proposal, and the human fate community is inhabited. It is the first to build a Destiny Community between the two countries. Today’s Asia still has a variety of problems, solving the ultimate goal of the problem is to achieve the prosperity of the country, and the successful models need countries to explore and learn from each other.

After the 21st century, Asia will become the center and focus area of ??the world. If Central Burma cooperates to explore a new way to Asian countries, it will play a positive impact on peace development in the surrounding area. Introduce the new vitality of the "Cell Wave" in China, the Strong Strong National Forum: China’s "cytophallic" friendship is long.

How to give new connotations for the "cytopoe" friendship in the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic diplomatic relations? Chen Fengying: The friends we have finished are getting wider and wider, but the neighbors are moving, and China must be based on Asia, based on the surroundings.

Zhou Enlai, Chen Yi and other older generations of leaders have visited Myanmar, and the two countries have established a deep "cytopolitic" friendship. Today we have to consolidate this foundation. We have inherited the "cytopoe" friendship, first to increase cultural exchange, human interaction; to strengthen pragmatic cooperation, it is actually the benefits of people’s livelihood is the people can feel; at the same time, the top relationship between the two countries, the close relationship between the leaders Communication also has to be established and truly consolidate political mutual trust. The times are progressing, and "cytophal" friendship also needs to inject new motivation. China does not forget the surrounding industrial revolution, you can strengthen scientific and technological cooperation in the situation of local traditions, such as mobile payment, etc. We have to do well, you can benefit surrounding areas, influence and drive them together to enter new Science and Technology Revolutionary Era.

(Responsible: Li Bing, Wang Hao).