Abstract hood views 498 dozens of pavilions are too loose

Original title: Dumk cover, take pictures, 798 dozens of pavilions require too loose this newspaper (Reporter Wang Guangyan) According to the prevention and control requirements, tourists should wear masks when the museum, exhibition hall, etc., should wear a mask, do personal protection.

However, the reporter visited the dozens of art gallery and gallery in the 798 Art Area. Some viewers have occurred in the indoor exhibition hall, and there is an exhibition cover, abstract hood, take pictures, etc. "Please warm up, scan code, wear a mask!" On the afternoon of August 11, the staff guided the tourists in an orderly, in the south gate of the 798 Art District. The art galleries and galleries in the park also set the second epidemic prevention examination. The audience needs to be registered again before entering the exhibition hall.

  UCCA Yulins Contemporary Art Center entrance is a prompt card: enter the venue, please wear a mask. However, in the exhibition hall, the reporter found that some viewers took photos in the "Pop factory" experience area ending at the end of the exhibition. There are two children next to them are eating.

  The reporter then came to the Illusion Art Center, and the entrance of the center also passed the "Please wear a mask" "Sweep Health Bao Registration" and other prompts, but also set up a queuing one-meter line. However, after entering the exhibition hall, the reporter did not see the staff who supervised the audience’s full wearing mask, and from time to time, there were viewers to pull the mask to the Barwa and the like. In the wood museum, a big head sticker in the entrance attracted many viewers to stop. The entire space is only about one square meter, and the seat is taken behind the seat. In just 10 minutes, there are three four-four spectators to go in and experience, and they are mostly extracted. In this person in this person, there is no vaccination disinfection item.

(Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.