Hainan introduced the implementation of the reform of the medical security system

  "The Implementation Opinions of the Hainan Provincial People’s Government on Deepening Medical Security System" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions") Recently issued, focusing on the relevant medical insurance issues, launching a series of reform measures, promoting the implementation of health Hainan strategy, better Safeguard the patient’s disease.

  In order to improve the treatment of chronic patients, "Opinions" proposed, to further improve the general clinic and outpatient chronic special disease management policies, gradually will partially have a large-scale clinic for health damage, cost burden, and frequently diagnosed, common disease ordinary clinics The cost is included in the payment of the coordinating fund, and the treatment level is reasonably adjusted. "Opinions" put forward the emergency emergency medical assistance mechanism for emergency epidemic in our province, and the medical institutions were treated first, and the medical institutions were treated first, and the next charge was simplified as the regulations. Settlement program. Coordinate the use of medical security funds and public health service funds to ensure that patients have been treated in time during the sudden public health event, and public health services and medical services are effectively connected. The price reduction of drugs is the most concerned medical topic. "Opinions" propose to promote the reform of medical service supply side, including implementation of deepening centralized quantities to purchase drugs, establish a dynamic adjustment of medical services and market-dominated drugs, medical supplies, strengthen drugs, medical supplies Production operator price behavior supervision and other measures.

  "Opinions" also pointed out that to establish an international medical security system and mechanism that adapt to the construction of free trade ports, breaking the nationality, household registration restrictions, allowing the residence permit, the residence permit, to participate in basic medical insurance in Hainan, and enjoy the same medical insurance treatment. Both the exterior of the island, overseas talents and flexible employees, etc., and improve payment convenience. (Editor: Pan Huiwen, Jiang Chengliu).