Focus on two sessions: What are the first "group" of Xi Jinping in five years?

General Secretary of the Central Committee, President of the Central Committee, President of the Central Military Commission visited the Ministry of Public Education, the Numerk Party, Jiu San Social Society of the 12th National People’s Political Consultative Conference on March 4, and participated in the joint meeting, listening to opinions and suggestions. He emphasized that the Chinese Communist Party has always attached great importance to intellectuals. my country’s major intellectuals is the elite of society, the leadership of the country, the pride of the people, and the valuable wealth of the country.

my country’s intellectuals have always had a strong family, have a strong sense of social responsibility, great attention, and work. Generation generation, a generation of intellectuals contribute to my country’s revolution, construction, reform cause, and even give precious life, leaving a sorrowful deed. Xi Jinping emphasizes that the whole society must care about intellectuals, respect intellectuals, create respect for knowledge, respect the good social atmosphere of intellectuals. It is necessary to use the 眼 眼, the sincerity of the love, the courage, the gathering of the gathering, and the good part of the collection, and the road to enter the sages, and the intellectuals of all aspects will condense, and they will use it.

Leading cadres at all levels must be good at dealing with intellectuals, doing intellectuals, friends.

It is necessary to fully trust intellectuals, important work and major decisions to solicit intellectuals and suggestions.

For the opinions and criticism from intellectuals, as long as the starting point is good, we must warmly welcome it, and actively adopt. Even if the individual opinions have a deviation or even more errors, there are more ways to include, more tolerance. To create better conditions for the majority of intellectuals, accelerate the formation of institutional mechanisms that are beneficial to intellectual business, follow the characteristics and law of intellectuals, so that intellectuals focus more energy into their own work, put their talents and energy Fully released.

Xi Jinping hopes that my country’s general intellectuals will consciously practice the model of practicing socialist core values, adhere to the national first, national first, people’s supreme, always the big bureau, the heart has a big, always stick to the front, pursue truth, from self-starting, from now Start, start from daily life, physical strength to drive the whole society to follow socialist core values.

Xi Jinping hopes that my country’s general intellectuals will actively participate in innovation and development practice. If the country thinks, the urgency of the emergency country is urgent, and the core development of economic competitiveness, the bottleneck constraints of social development, the major challenges of national security, and increasing knowledge accumulation , Constantly strengthen innovation awareness, continuously improve innovation, and constantly climb innovation peaks.