Going to Tsinghua Examination "Secretary" Xi Jinping interprets the "way" in his heart.

Building a world-class university, to be clear, highlighting how to build a world-class university? Xi Jinping emphasized that pursuit of first-class is a never ending, constantly transcending process, to be clear, highlighting.

He stressed that the construction of first-class universities, the key is to continuously improve the quality of talents. In addition to cultivating the first-class talent square, Xi Jinping also put forward, to build a first-class university system, enhance the original innovation ability, and insist on open cooperation. – To cultivate the first-class talent square, universities, the content of the people is in the Lid Tree.

Only universities of cultivating leading talents can become a world-class university.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping has strategic heights in the national and nation, and many times have repeatedly indicated education work. The report of the 18th National Congress of the Party will establish the fundamental task of education for education for the first time. The 19th National Report further pointed out that "implementing the fundamental tasks of the Lidshu people" "cultivating the socialist builders and successors of the German-related beauty".

– To build a first-class university system to promote discipline cross-integration, promote collaborative innovation, is an objective requirement of social development. It is an important trend in scientific development. It is also an important way to promote major original scientific research results, cultivate composite, innovative talents. Xi Jinping emphasized that the "catalyst" to integrate the discipline, strengthen the ability of basic disciplines, break the barriers of the discipline, adjust the existing discipline professional system, targeting the scientific and technological frontier and key fields, promoting new engineering, new medical, new Agricultural, new liberal arts construction, accelerating the cultivation of talents. – To enhance the original innovation capacity innovation, it is the fundamental way to solve the problem of card neck. It is a key trick to achieve high quality development. In the new journey of fully building a socialist modernization country, realizing the second hundred years of struggle targets, further strengthening innovative talents education, universities shoulder with sacred mission. Just as Xi Jinping pointed out in this inspection, major original innovation results often germinate on profound basic research, produced in the intersection of disciplines, and universities have natural advantages in these two aspects.

To maintain the continuous investment of basic research, encourage free exploration, dare to question the existing theory, and brave in the new direction. – To adhere to open cooperation international science and technology cooperation is a big trend, actively integrating global innovation network, in an open cooperation to enhance your own scientific and technological innovation capabilities.

Xi Jinping emphasized in this investigation, strengthening international exchanges and cooperation, and actively build a cooperative platform for Chinese and foreign educational cultural and friendly communication, jointly responding to global challenges, promoting human common well-being.