Fujian Province held Haishi culture cloud exhibition activities

Original title: Our province held Haishi culture cloud exhibition activities to better show Fujian Haishi culture characteristics and intangible cultural heritage, promoting cultural exchanges in Fujian and the world and the people’s hearts, 16th, Haishi culture cloud exhibition activities The online underline is held in combination, and the line shows in the Fuzhou Grand Cinema. The show is composed of "Fujian Haishi Non-legacy" digital pavilion and the "Millennium Haishi’s Architecture of the Beauty" cloud performance, highlighting "cloud exchange" and international communication characteristics.

The live events livelihood through the full media of Fujian Daily, Southeast Network and other platforms, and organizes invitations for dozens of national overseas Chinese and international friends to watch live.

  The organizer said that the event is an important practice in the construction of the core area of ??the Naid Silk Road in the 21st Century. It is also an important platform for China’s story, spreading Fujian voice, showing the cultural style of Haishi culture.

Overseas overseas collections attending the event, international friends have said that the show is wonderful, and the Haishi cultural characteristics of Fujian and the non-material cultural heritage, tea production, Hakka Mango, Gara Opera, decklers, etc., let them feel the humanities of Fujian. The beauty and Haishi culture have enhanced their understanding of China’s excellent traditional culture.

  This event is jointly hosted by the Provincial Government Information Office, the Provincial Department of Foreign Culture Exchange Association, and the Provincial Wenvie House Co-organizes, Fujian Daily, Southeast Network, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, United Kingdom, France, Singapore, Australia, Argentina, Fujian Cultural Overseas Station Support. (Reporter Lin Yu) (Editor: Chen Lanyan, Zhang Zijian) Sharing let more people see client downloads.