Compensation to build a new era Youth Things and political platform Hangzhou Tonglu set up "Qing Tong Academy" preaching class

  As a tutor, 2016 Rio Convuse champion, the National May 1st Labor Medal, the national May 4th Youth Medal winner Song Yizhen There is no brilliance. Let your youth are the most needed place in the motherland, blooming beautiful flowers! "He asked for every one infected, attracting applause.

  "Qingtong Academy is a platform, also carrier, mechanism, we will pass theoretical leaders, ideological collisions, solving problems, emotional exchanges, etc. Positive energy. "The person in charge of the propaganda department of the county party committee said hope that the young people" bravely chase dreams ", support their dreams with advanced theory and powerful ideals;" Create value ", laid a more solid psychological basis and ability , The value of creativity is the pursuit of a lifetime; "Building a sharing" Style.

  At the ceremony, nine lead service units have issued their initials.

"Qing Tong Academy" also prepared the "warm heart book bag" for the first batch of student representatives. Next, Tonglu County will build a group of exchanges "position", form a team of excellent counselors, and go to a "dreams of dreams", preferably a group of lead service units, create a "service project", build one " The operational mechanism of the Youth Looking House in-depth promotes the construction of "Qing Tong Academy".

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