City in Qingshan people in painting

Original title: The city is in the Qingshan, the people, the Qinling, the Qinling just entered the autumn, or full of green.

The rest of the birds, far-shaking birds, far nearby birds, folded, let the shallow autumn, have a deep rhyme. The mobs, three or three two or two tourists, stroll on the mountain road. The children followed the adults, jumping forward, jumping forward, even a few flying birds, "rushed", the poetic painting of Mount Mansion, was introduced to the blue sky of the sky. Located in the village not far from the mouth, it can be seen in the forest belt in which the volleyball belt.

After the front house, the laughing flowers, thin bamboo, wash the jade by the new autumn rain. Furong scored his laughter, and the Laoli returned.

Several village women took a bamboo basket lotus, lotus horn, and did not open to visit the tourist.

"It’s all kinds of self, now it is water, you see this year’s flowers to open color and clear", the villagers Zhao Sister took a lotus, please, "I can’t take a long time, I can’t take a few times. Duo, there are tourists like to sell.

"Old Liu Road, selling tofu, also makes it a lively, his basket is empty," this thing, it will be water, you can do it! " This year’s tofu is selling special! "In 2019, Xi’an City launched the" Governing Water, Bihui Xingcheng, Xi’an River Lake Water System Protection Governance ", 3 years to achieve" Dike, shore green, water, Hong Chang, Jingmei, long-term management ", river The river is connected, the rivers and lakes are connected, the overall goal of the shallow water of the fish and Xiang. Water ecology restores the first time, this is only the prelude to the Bishui Defense War of Chang’an District, and will continue to improve the water environment in the basin, for 14 The Gall will contribute a piece of ecological "oasis". A good water, point green mountain, raise a person. In the north foot of Qinling, the green hills stretched, the Jinxiu stacui, the water rings around the water ring, and vegetables.

One village is a beautiful scenery, and the mountain is a water.

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