Guangdong Province labor model Zhou Yunxian: Borrowing cross-border e-commerce precision poverty alleviation

  Zhou Yunxian and many more frequently built cross-border e-commerce service platforms, providing one-stop cross-border service for the poverty alleviation area, Zhou Yunxian driving from the Macau home, from the Hengqin Port clearance, less than 8:30, In the Zhuhai Hengqin, Zhuhai, Hengqin, Zhuhai, Macau, Youth Gender Valley, said Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "cross-border"), and launches the company’s day’s affairs.

  "After 80" Zhou Yunxian, is a cross-border, founder and president, won the model of Guangdong Province in the Guangdong Province.

The cross-border he created said that the technology means to help Chinese products to the world, become an operator authorized by the Cape Verde National Digital Economic and Trade Platform; he has jointly built a cross-border e-commerce service platform, which is precisely Provide one-stop cross-border service; during the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia All supply to the government, park.

  Zhou Yunxian said that he is a "one country, two system" witnesses, beneficiaries, hope to do our best to do communication. Cut the opportunity to enter Hengqin Entrepreneurship, the e-commerce, Macao, returned to 20 years, "a country, two systems" books, the development of the two places in the two places … Now walk in Zhuhai Hengqin "One Country Two System" Exhibition Hall (Macau), everywhere It can be seen that Zhou Yunxian is carefully prepared by the partner.

  In December last year, Zhou Yunxian participated in the first "one country and two system" exhibition halls. He hoped to help Hong Kong and Macao and Mainland youth fully understood the contemporary Chinese national governance system, and the advantages of the two systems under one country complementary active results. "As a participant in the ‘one country, the beneficiary, I have responsibility and obligations, becoming the commissioner of’ one country, two systems’." Zhou Yun said. In 2014, after the 31-year-old Zhou Yunxian returned, he worked in the Internet in Macau. He has always had a dream of entrepreneurial dreams, noted that Zhuhai’s development is rapidly developed with Macau, so he moved to Zhuhai Hengqin and became one of the first Macao Enterprises in Hengqin Macau Youth.

Zhou Yun said, when the Zhuhai Hengqin New District Management Committee provided a year-free treatment to the Macao enterprise, the office is equipped with a "satchel". Attracting Zhou Yunxian is not just hardware. When I just arrived in Zhuhai, Zhou Yunxian did not know how to introduce an important overseas investment into the mainland, anxious to ants on the hot pot. He hugged the mentality of trying to send a message to the entrepreneurial valley management department. The next day the staff took him five, six functional departments solved this matter.

"This is not imagined abroad. I am very proud of the country with such a high-quality hard environment and soft environment for entrepreneurs, so that we can start business.

Zhou Yunxian said. In this way, Zhou Yunxian founded the cross-border to rely on the huge market and rich talent resources in the Mainland, using Macau’s funds, brands, channels, business advantages, and thrive.

Zhou Yunxian believes that the development of the company is inseparable from the efforts of the team, and it is even more inseparable from the great practice of "one country and two systems". Hong Kong and Macao youth can seize the national development dividend, actively integrate into the national development tide, play the director and deep cultivation.

  Helping the Zhigang Brand Employment to improve the product competitiveness to talk about entrepreneurship, Zhou Yunxian said: "We are Macao companies, docking many international countries, the needs of these countries can find good raw materials in China, but often due to lack of deep processing and brand assignment Can, the profit is not high.

"How to push these good products? Zhou Yunxian breaks traditional e-commerce models, analyzes overseas market demand through large data, reversal to guide domestic" intelligence ".

  In Zhushan County, Shiyan City, Hubei Province, is rich in turquoise resources.

Zhou Yunxian said that the local mainly sold the original stone or roughing, a large number of mining leads to market vicious competition and affects the local ecological environment. At the end of last year, cross-border said to develop turquoise resources with local governments.

"We don’t advocate a lot of mining, so use the corner material, design in Macau, Guangzhou production.

The product is mostly fashion jewelry, and there is also a traditional cultural element. At present, the products have gradually been promoted in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, and go overseas, with more than 2 million yuan per day. Zhou Yunxian said.

  In order to strengthen the competitiveness of Chinese products, cross-borders say the block chain international settlement system and autonomous controlled settlement technological invention patent technology will be recorded, the supplier, logistics, warehousing and other information will be recorded, the buyer can use the help The platform masters the entire transaction information, logistics information, and settlement information. Zhou Yunxian revealed that the current cross-border procurement companies have reached 460,000.

  As precise poverty alleviation, the blood to inject e-commerce blood to help Chinese products to the world, Zhou Yunxian has contributed to precise poverty alleviation. Lan Ping County, Nasuzhou, Yunnan Province, is a patriotic support area of ??Zhuhai.

In 2016, Zhou Yunxian followed the relevant person in charge of the Zhuhai Hengqin New District Management Committee to Lanping County Investigation.

At first, he just wanted to do public welfare, and later unexpectedly discovered that the localized black roll quality was multiplied.

As a result, Zhou Yunxian became the idea of ??industrial poverty alleviation. He said: "Black Pinera is a world-recognized top ingredients and is popular in foreign countries.

We have many foreign customer resources. If we can build a industrial chain, we will promote Lan Ping County Black Song Lu, will bring poverty to the local masses. "However, this road is not easy." At the beginning, we stepped out the model is ‘purchasing + sales’, sometimes the market price is high, farmers don’t want to sell them before it is taking us. The products we have got also are more mixed, and the quality is uneven.

"Zhou Yunxian believes that if you want to start the local brand, you must open" Sort, Packaging, Inspection and Quarantine, Customs Customs Customs Customs ", rather than simply doing agricultural products. So, Zhou Yunxian’s way to build a platform, look around Suitable enterprises take on different steps to help complete the improvement of brand building work in black pine deep processing, packaging upgrades, SC certification.

  Today, the Black Persi of Langping County has docked into the national market of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, and Portuguese.

Related products are also implanted with traceable chips, consumers can use the chip on the product at any time, with mobile phone to obtain product production planting, warehousing, wholesale, logistics and store retail process.

Relying on the Black Pine Industry, local 1643 household files, poverty, poverty, more than 600 yuan per month. Not only Lan Ping County, but since 2018, cross-borders have also undertake poverty alleviation projects in many poverty-stricken areas such as Yang Jiangxi, Meizhou Wuhua. According to statistics, as of now, Zhou Yunxian implemented sales of more than 6 million yuan underline, providing training services for more than 100 e-commerce practitioners in poor areas, achieving local people with local goods, local people talking about local stories.

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